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Dividend Income

Dividend Income – November 2014

The year is almost done from a dividend income perspective and I am starting to look at where I will deploy some savings early in the new year. I nearly have my full TFSA contribution of $5,500 ready to go once January 1st comes around the corner. I am still interested in one of the two overlooked Canadian dividend aristocrats but where I invest will invariably be based on my diversification status and the value of a number of potential investments. If you have not noticed, energy stocks have come down from their high and my PIE Score stock tracker has many companies trading at their 52-week high these days. Related: Canadian Oil Giants Review Dividend Income My dividend income for November 2014 is an amazing $820.33. I cannot wait to receive dividend increases over the coming 6 months to ...

Is Wal-Mart King of Consumer Goods Retailers?

The consumer goods sector is an interesting sector as you have brands and retailers of brands. In the retailers’ corner you  have Costco (COST), Wal-Mart (WMT) or Target (TGT) selling brands from Johnson & Jonshon (JNJ), Coca-Cola (KO) or General Mils (GIS). The stock markets break those down into cyclical and non-cyclical for your information but they are all part of the consumer goods sector. As an investor, you can chose to invest in a brand or to invest in a brand retailer. Consumer Goods Retailers Since I like to compare apples with apples, I decided to look at the following companies for the consumer goods retail sector. Brands deserve to be looked at separately and they also need to be looked at based on competitors as opposed to just brands. For example, it doesn’t ...

Revealing the PIE Score

The PIE score is my proprietary formula for assessing the purchase timing of a stock. It’s a great technical indicator to see if a stock is ripe for purchase compare with others in its sector or my list. It’s not a score that identifies the long term value of a stock as that decision relies on a thorough evaluation of the business. Once the stock is on my list, it has passed my evaluation for a future consideration. Investing can be quite simple in a way. I have a list with list of companies I would be happy to own and I just ignore all the thousands other companies. I use my PIE score to identify the stocks priced right while focusing on the sectors I need to buy into based on my diversification criteria. Related: Managing the list I use my PIE score to help assess the purchase ...
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