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Dividend Income

Dividend Income – April 2014

The spring is here and the markets have started to show how they can drop at a moment’s notice. Did you panic? I hope not. I think it was a moment to rejoice that we had a buying opportunity. I personally did not make any transactions during that period. I just did not have money ready to invest. I also wasn’t worrying about the drop since my portfolio is setup for compound growth return with my dividends and the DRIP programs. Related: How To Setup DRIP accountsI have been a dividend investor for 5 years now. In 2009, after the market drop, I changed my investment approach and started moving away from my financial advisor and the mutual funds. I had a solid enough understanding to tackle it on my on. I’ll be up front that I did not know about index investing at the time either and although it has many good merits, I find that markets fluctuates too often and I would prefer to have consistent growing income through dividend investing. Related: Why Dividend Investing? The ...
Financial Question

Financial Literacy Quiz

Over the past 4 years I have been writing about a number of topics on personal finance and investing to help teach and educate others but also share investing ideas. I do realize that some topics are relatively advanced and many readers are comfortable at that level and we often take it for granted. After continuously reading and hearing about the lack of financial understanding, I decided to put a Financial Literacy Quiz together on what I consider to be the basic working knowledge necessary to succeed. I have written about many of the topics in the past two as I try to cover the basic while also diving deep on stock analysis and the tools and trick to turn investing into a process without emotions. Take the quiz and let me know what you think! Financial Literacy QuizTake the Financial Literacy quiz to assess your personal finance skills.1. How much is your money insured for at a Canadian bank? $50,000  $100,000  $250,000  $500,0002. What is a credit ...
Best Investment Podcast

Best Investment Podcasts

Over the past year, I switched from listening to the radio in the morning to listening to investment podcasts to keep up with the markets and stay current on some companies. It fills up my ride to work in the morning. In the evening I tend to relax while listening to music though. I initially posted my list last year in may 2013 and I am providing an update as we have new comers in the field! Depending on the length of your drive to work, different podcasts may be more applicable but I have found a few podcasts that I really cycle amongst them. Best Investment Podcasts 1. Mad Money with Jim Cramer I admit, I am surprised to put Cramer as my first. After one podcast, I wasn’t convinced. After 2 weeks, I am convinced it’s the best that I found right now. It’s not like I am going to execute on any of the recommendations but you do learn about different sectors. You also learn about very specific companies in details with CEO interviews. I also like the battles he does between ...
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