Zero Up is a new training system and software app designed by Fred Lam. Fred Lam claims to have made more than twenty million dollars through his e-commerce business.

Zero Up is a cloud-based program, so there’s no lengthy installation process and no time-consuming download to wait on.  This program has been integrated with AliExpress, which is designed to make it much easier to access millions of AliExpress products in seconds and track the status of each order.

The program features a drag and drop e-commerce builder so you can create sales funnels and landing pages easily.

It also Features Shopify integration, which offers almost two hundred stores



How Zero Up Works

As we have mentioned, this is a system that allows you to easily create and operate your Shopify and e-commerce stores on autopilot. If it’s done correctly, each of these stores has the potential to bring in six to seven figures a year.

All of this is accomplished without the user having to hold inventory, invest in products, or even order the products themselves. Once an order has been placed in a Shopify store, Zero Up will fulfil it, sending it to the drop shipper automatically, allowing the user to enjoy the hands-free commissions.

However, we do recommend logging into your Zero Up account area at least once a day to check the tracking and order statuses and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

And on top of all this, users will also enjoy a complete funnel builder for better conversions and easy email integration.

Member’s Area

Zero up Members

In the member’s area, you’ll notice that the system has been broken down into nine modules.

Let’s start with the product engine. With this engine, publishing, selecting, sorting, and searching is simple. Just type in the URL, specific keyword or market niche and you’ll find thousands of products that can be sold and sorted with a click of a button.

The ad ideas module is designed for easy ad management and creation.

The order status section provides a complete overview of orders including order ID, order date, customer name, date purchased, and order number.

The tracking status feature will allow you to check an order in greater detail using a tracking number.

The email integration features allow you to build a list of past customers and visitors for future promotions.

The profit multiplayer is an easy way to manage and create promotional videos, images, coupons, and text.

The training section features information on turbocharging your store, store creation, creating sales funnels, inventory arbitrage, store management, advertising your store, scaling up, and traffic genius.

You’ll also find the knowledge base section which features helpful tips and an FAQ.

Themes and Niches

zero up overviewZero Up comes with ten customizable themes to choose from. There are many niches available, so you can choose one and the website creation wizard will get to work adding bestselling products to your store. Items can also be easily removed.

Here is a list of the current niches available: 

•    Kid Apparel

•    Women’s jewellery

•    Pets

•    Photography

•    Home décor

•    Sport and outdoor

•    Men’s jewellery

•    Household and kitchen supply

•    Health and fitness

•    Toys

•    Beauty

•    Travel

•    Survival

•    Automotive

Total Shopify and AliExpress Integration

Total Shopify and AliExpress Integration

For the beginner, setting up a Shopify store can be a tedious process. Most people easily become frustrated and give up during the first half of the process. But with Zero Up, all you have to do is click a few buttons and your store will be fully functional in just twenty minutes.

This system is completely integrated with both Shopify CMS and AliExpress, allowing the user to add a wider variety of products to their store. This system will also allow you to alert buyers instantly and track product orders.

Free Traffic

Once your store is ready to go you’ll need to focus on traffic. The more traffic you have the more commissions you’re bound to make. So, how do you go about getting the kind of traffic you need in order to reach your monthly financial goals?

Fortunately, Zero Up offers an incredible bonus. Lam offers some great traffic strategies that you’ll definitely want to check out. But really, nothing beats some free traffic, especially if all of the work is done for you. Which is why Lam currently offers to rank three of your Shopify stores, promising to rank them high enough that they’ll land on the first page of Google search results.

Is Zero Up Easy to Use?

Most users can agree that the process of creating a store is pretty streamlined. In fact, the entire process should take no more than ten minutes, which goes to show just how easy to use this program really is. Depending on the keywords you choose, Zero Up will automatically add the ads from AliExpress. As an example, if you type in teens, every item related to teens will be added to your store automatically, thanks to its total integration with AliExpress. If you don’t like some of the products added, you can remove them or even add products to your store automatically.

What is Shopify?

You’ve read that Zero Up features Shopify integration, but if you’re new to e-commerce then you’re probably not familiar with exactly what Shopify is. Basically, it’s an all in one e-commerce solution that you can use to run a number of online stores. This program will provide you with everything you need to setup and begin selling products and it offers a fairly straightforward process, which is sort of their whole selling point.

So, How Do You Use Shopify?

First, you’ll start by pointing a domain to your Shopify store. Next, you’ll choose a template and design for your store. You can then edit your store using a drag and drop tool and add page content, products, and payment options.

One of the biggest challenges that come with running an online store is that you need your site to be streaming fast and you need it to be super secure.

Every extra second your visitor has to wait for your page to load is a chance that they might leave your site and hit up your competition.

A customer’s credit card must also be routed through several layers of security in order to remain PCI compliant. Many e-commerce stores will outsource payments to third-party vendors, but even that connection can be too slow if your store isn’t set up correctly.

Shopify will allow users to turn that side of their business over to the professionals. Shopify can handle security and speed at a global platform level. So your site will be streaming fast, which means your visitors will never be waiting for a page to load.

Shopify also comes with a tonne of built-in features, in addition to an app store. Essentially, Shopify allows developers to offer specialised products that seamlessly plug into Shopify’s platform. Some are free and some are paid. With their app store, you won’t have to worry about finding a developer every time you need a certain feature, simply enter in keywords and hit the search button to find a plugin that’s perfect for your store.

So, as you can see, Shopify is the perfect complement to your Zero Up store. Both programs offer innovative features that are designed to set your store up for success, and with the addition of AliExpress products, you can really get creative and take a deeper interest in the type and quality of products you sell.

What We Loved about Zero Up

This software is pretty amazing, considering how it completes the entire process from purchase to payment automatically, even when you’re not glued to your computer screen. So you can essentially skip a lot of added stress that comes with hiring employees and managing staff. Beginners who are new to an e-commerce business will find that Zero Up is a great way to start out. Moreover, even the seasoned e-commerce user can benefit from this service, especially if they’re always pressed for time. This software can also be used for several sites at once and offers a minimum earning potential of around fifteen hundred dollars a month. We feel that this software is a total game changer.

To start, you’ll get help setting up your shopping cart platform. This process is not always simple but Zero Up makes the entire process easy. You’ll be stunned that it will only take you a few minutes to create your store with the help of the Shopify platform. After your store is created we recommend testing out the shopping dashboard to ensure that it’s fully functional.

This process makes the idea of online sales simple instead of intimidating, especially for beginners.

Using this program also makes it much simpler to take orders, thanks to the automated system, so you won’t have to worry about what happens next. Basically, you’ll be able to make money around the clock, even when you’re sleeping.

The advanced email integration with twelve autoresponders is also a huge selling point for consumers. Most programs that offer email integration are simply terrible to use and often come with a number of flaws. They can also be very limiting, which is frustrating for many. But with Zero Up, you can enjoy a sophisticated integration that utilises more than twelve of the leading autoresponders on the market.

Training Modules

This program also makes sure that you develop skills that will last a lifetime as you learn how to use Zero Up. The series of training modules will teach you the basics, in addition to more advanced concepts. Additionally, these modules will help you to understand how the program works as you work with it, which is the best part of the training section. Lam has carefully documented his twelve years of success in e-commerce and has created an innovative training program designed for people who are just starting out. The tools and techniques described in the program have been proven effective, which is what makes this training program so exciting.

Coupon Creator to Increase Sales

In the past, whenever there was a sale, you would have to take a more hands-on approach. But what this program offers is an automated process that requires no work on your part. As soon as a sale is up, the program will completely take over.

Once a visitor makes a purchase, the odds are that they’ll buy from you again. In order to increase these odds, you can take advantage of the coupon creator, which is designed to pop up on the Shopify thank you page in the form of an HTML or video. This can increase your sales by as much as thirty percent.

Final Thoughts on Zero Up

Ultimately, we felt that this program offers a very user-friendly interface, making it a great choice for beginners. It also offers an excellent funnel builder and some of the best e-commerce products on the market.

By now, you’re probably pretty confident that Zero Up is the program you’ve been searching for. The designer, Fred Lam offers this product at a reasonable price and provides users with ongoing customer support. With this program, you’ll not only have access to thousands of leading products and tools that allow you to quickly create a pro looking store, but you’re also able to take advantage of Lam’s in-depth training program. Anyone who is genuinely interested in getting into the marketing and the e-commerce business will soon have a better understanding of how to succeed. With the free traffic and ranking bonus, combined with Zero Up’s easy to use store creator and the AliExpress and Shopify integration, Lam gives you all the tools you need to run a profitable, highly successful e-commerce store.

Zero Up really is unlike any other e-commerce program because it automates the entire store while the free bonus will automate traffic, so Lam truly offers the whole package for your online business and all for a reasonable price.


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