Instagram is one of the most popular image-based social media platforms around and many marketers currently use it to effectively promote their services, products, and businesses. Instagram can actually be very beneficial to your business if used correctly. The only real problem is that since this platform is phone-based, most people don’t really know how to market on it. In other words, in order to create posts, a file needs to be uploaded from a phone.

Of course, there are some ways around this issue. Enter Instamate.

Now, you can look at Instagram as an effective platform for online marketing. We all know how time-consuming online marketing can be, especially when you have to work around social media platform restrictions and limitations. Not only that, but who wants to spend several hours a week trying to pinpoint the hottest hashtags to use, some of which will change on a daily basis? If you work full-time and you don’t have an assistant, then you simply don’t have the hours it takes to track down trending hashtags. You probably also don’t have the time it takes to pick and choose new images every few days that will engage your target audience.

Luke Maguire, the creator of Instamate has done it again and has come up with an app that will take a lot of work off your plate, freeing up your time so you can focus on marketing and expand your brand. Considered one of the top marketing apps for Instagram, this app is just what you need to make your profile pop, while also saving you plenty of time and energy.



How to Market on Instagram with Instamate

How to market on instagram with instamate

Instamate is actually a browser plugin that provides users with a wider range of marketing tools and features that can be used to promote Instagram accounts.

Typically, to create a post on Instagram, a marketer would need to create an image on their PC, send the image to their smartphone, then upload the image through the Instagram app. This type of process is both time-consuming and inconvenient. But Instamate has been designed to simplify this process.

  • With Instamate, everything can be done from your PC, so you don’t have to send files to your smartphone or even use the Instagram app.
  • This plugin offers some interesting features such as a content curator and post scheduling.
  • The content curator is appealing because it allows the user to borrow content from other profiles on Instagram. However, some people may argue that doing so is basically stealing content, but actually, most of the content found on Instagram has already been curated numerous times. We recommend avoiding this feature on an official Instagram brand account or on images that feature official trademarks or logos.

If you still want to use this feature, you can easily do so by typing in the appropriate keyword, and all accounts related to the keyword will pop up. The most popular posts for each account will also show up. By simply clicking a button, the post can be published to your profile using the exact same keywords and hashtags.

Basically, an image and description are copied and pasted to your Instagram. This can be a great tool for users who have a difficult time coming up with their own content and want to quickly get new content on their page.

You’ll also be able to view hashtag stats as well, which will allow you to get an inside look regarding which hashtags are currently trending and getting the most views.

The scheduled posts feature is something we really liked about this program. Users can configure a post and have it published at a specific date and time, as opposed to manually publishing a post once or twice a day. Now, the scheduler can do all the tedious work for you.

This program also allows you to view the hottest accounts and trending topics on Instagram, so you’re sure to find the best content.

Can You Make Money Using Instamate?

You’re probably dying to know whether or not you really can make money using this program, and if you can, how much?

If you’re familiar with Instagram, then you know that links are not allowed in the image description area. So, how can you get around this?

We recommend providing the main link for your business in your bio. Then, when you post a new image, in the description area be sure to mention that followers can find the link in your bio, which can result in serious sales.

Here’s the common way to make some cash using this program:

Connect your Instamate account to your Instagram. Next, you’ll need to find an affiliate product to promote and write a review of that product. Leave the link for that review on your bio. Here’s where Instamate enters the picture. Use the program to find any images that are related to the product. Hit up the scheduler feature and plan on posting one to three related images a day. You can add a little variety to the image description area to make your posts look more authentic. Instead of saying “click the link on my bio” try saying “for more information about this exciting new product, take a look at my bio”. Now you can sit back and watch the clicks come in. This is probably the most popular strategy.

Is it Okay to Use Instamate?

A common concern potential buyers have in regards to using Instamate is whether or not it’s against Instagram’s rules. We searched and did not find anything in the terms and conditions section that would lead us to believe that using this app would break any rules or get an account tossed. However, we don’t recommend flooding your page with too many posts daily. This can make your account look spammy, which can lead to a disabled account, so use this program with caution and don’t overdo it.

The idea of this program is to publish as many pictures taken directly from other accounts as possible. It doesn’t do much in the way of encouraging you to create your own images. Most Instagram users don’t want to follow an account that mainly posts stock images. Instead, it’s all about creating your own voice by publishing photos from your life or offering a look behind the scenes.

Instamate Pros and Cons

Instamate pros and cons

Pros: These days, most people are searching for a program that can increase the effectiveness of their online business. With Instagram’s rise in popularity, marketers have been scrambling to find effective ways to make some serious cash through this platform, despite the fact that it’s mainly image and video based. Instagram just isn’t the easiest place for the average online entrepreneur to make money.

Instamate might just change how hard it is to earn a steady income through Instagram. This app was created as the solution to all of Instagram’s limitations. It can help you locate popular content while providing free fuel for organic traffic.

The more streamlined process of creating scheduled posts directly from your PC, without the added step of sending it to your smartphone, is a huge selling point for consumers, as is the ability to schedule the posts, period. You also won’t have to edit your content and then sync it, just click away and the viral content will be on your profile instantly.

On Instagram, hashtags are the main source of organic traffic. This app will provide you with a valuable hashtags research tool. This tool supplies users with the trending hashtags, so you’ll always know exactly what hashtags to use for the day or week to keep your posts highly viewable and appealing.

Another big plus is the fact that you’re allowed to operate several Instagram accounts with just one Instamate account.

Want to keep a closer eye on the competition? We love that InstaMate makes that possible. Now, you can closely monitor your competitor’s profile to see what they’re currently offering followers, which of their posts get the most likes, and how many followers they currently have.

New users will also enjoy the fourteen-day money back guarantee, so they can try this service out for a couple of weeks and determine if it offers the type of tools and features they’re looking for. So, if you don’t like this software, you can contact customer service for a refund anytime during that two week period, no questions asked.

Newbies can take advantage of the extensive and helpful training module that provides tips regarding how to use Instamate effectively.

Cons: Some users felt that the packages for this software were a little on the steep side. Additionally, you can only use Google Chrome to run this software, which is another issue for some users.

Upsell Options

The first upsell option available is the image editor. This is a built-in editing feature that the user can use to add a watermark or logo, or text to the selected image directly from within the app.

If you’re already using another image editor software tool, then you may want to pass this upsell on by. But many users argue that with this editor comes seamless integration. So, instead of downloading an image first and then editing it in your favorite program, then uploading the image to Instamate, you can make the process more streamlined and make all the necessary tweaks and changes from within instamate instead. Basically, if you find yourself doing plenty of manual posting, then this upsell could end up saving you quite a bit of time in the long run.

Another popular upsell is the VIP training package. This is a video training package that features an in-depth look at how Luke Maguire, the creator behind this program, earned an impressive six-figure income.

The third upsell is the Affiliate Link Cloaker, which is a tool that allows you to add affiliate links to your Instagram account, for fast, one-click sales. With this option, you’ll be able to cloak any link, adding it to your bio.

The fourth upsell is the premium upgrade. With this option, you’ll get dedicated IPs for a total of five accounts, which will allow you to schedule unlimited content in advance for up to one year, without the need to log into Instamate.

The final upsell is the twenty accounts key, which allows you to give away a total of twenty license keys to clients or friends.

Instamate Review Summary

So, bottom line, this program can help automate your account so that you can post viral content in the niche of your choice. This program can also work to attract extra visitors to your site, organically. The simple to use interface and processes make every task possible with just a click. The hashtag searching tool will provide you with viral hashtags so you won’t have to spend any extra time researching relevant hashtags every day or week.

This program comes with plenty of reasons to buy if you’re serious about growing your online business and have some knowhow regarding internet marketing. We recommend using this tool for accounts with a minimum of a hundred followers and around ten to twenty posts. This way, your account will look more legit and won’t get flagged by Instagram for coming off as spammy once you start posting.

Making money through Instagram can be a challenge and it’s not as easy as other sites that don’t prevent you from leaving links in your posts. For many, this type of limitation can be very frustrating, especially if you’re eager to start marketing your product. Instamate provides you with the tools you need to get your name out there and start earning. You’ll have the ability to post more relevant material and you can do so in a manner that makes your profile more eye-catching to people in your target audience. We would definitely recommend purchasing this product if you’re a serious marketer looking for an edge on Instagram and an effortless way to add new posts to your account.



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