InstaEasy is a new Instagram followers software program, and the newest product offered from Luke Maguire. Over the years, Instagram has steadily grown in popularity. It’s also well loved by marketers because you don’t have to create a lot of content. You can use short videos, images with quotes or just great images. If an Instagram user likes it, they’ll start following you. In order to get followers, you can search for other accounts that share an interest in your niche. The next step would be to like videos, quotes, and photos on their account and follow them. Many will follow you in return. However, this is a very slow process if you’re looking to build up a large following as quickly as possible.



Getting More Instagram Followers

Did you know that Instagram is quickly surpassing Facebook in terms of popularity, interaction, and user participation? People love Instagram because it’s a fun place to simply check out images posted by family, friends, and their favorite brands. But the real beauty behind Instagram is the effortless way people can interact, sharing an image that’s thought provoking, silly, or inspirational. And that’s really the key behind any profile on Instagram that has a large following. Posting relevant images or quotes that provoke follower response.

Often, the average Instagram user will have only around a few hundred followers. Getting more people to follow you can be hard work. When we see users with hundreds of thousands of followers we automatically assume that the person or company is something special. How do they do it? How do they get so many followers, likes, and comments? And what can I do to build my following and get my name out there?

When it comes to getting a lot of followers, the biggest problem is the amount of time and hard work it takes. It can be incredibly time-consuming to search for accounts in your niche, like their photos and then start following them.

InstaEasy is a program that claims they can get you all the followers you’ve dreamed of, without the need to spend all of your free time glued to your smartphone. So, we decided to test this software to help others make their buying decision based on real facts instead of just hype.

This web-based program allows users to automatically follow other Instagram accounts. It will also allow users to automatically like content based on their niche.

To start, you’ll want to enter target market hashtags, your hashtags, and your competitor’s usernames. The next step is choosing if you want to unfollow inactive users, follow users, or like photos, based on the info you entered in step one.

This program will allow you to like photos based on your settings, follow users in your target market, follow the same followers that your competitor does and unfollow people who haven’t followed you back. You can also automatically follow people who have recently liked your photos.

Using your own IP address per Instagram account and preset engagement speeds, your account will never hit Instagram’s limit.

If you want to use this program then you shouldn’t use it on a brand new Instagram account. The account should already have some likes and followers, comments, and photos. We recommend that you have at least ten photos and a hundred followers before you create an InstaEasy account.

User Interface

User Interface

This program features a single settings page. All of the different settings are simple to understand, but if you need more of an explanation you’ll find that a small info box pops up when you hover over an option.

This software comes with four different speed levels:

Beginners, for up to four hundred follows and likes.

Slow, for more than seven hundred follows and over eight hundred likes.

Normal, for over eight hundred follows and more than a thousand likes.

And fast, for more than a thousand follows and over twelve hundred likes.

This means, if you’re using the beginner level, the program will follow over four hundred accounts and like over four hundred photos daily.

We recommend that you start off at the beginner level, especially if your Instagram account is fairly new. After you’ve obtained more than five hundred follows while at the beginner level, you can begin scaling it up.

When we signed up, we noticed that the beginner level added an average of thirty followers daily. Which isn’t bad for a new Instagram account.

With this program, you can not only like images or follow accounts, you can also use the program to unfollow people who don’t follow you back.

The like and follow options are based on accounts and hashtags, so you’ll have the option to like images and follow accounts based on hashtags. As an example, if you choose the photography niche, then you’d use hashtags that are related to photography.

You’ll also have the option to follow people who currently follow your competition. For that feature, you’ll need to enter the competitor’s account name and the program will do the rest.

The program also allows you to limit likes based on how many likes an image already has. As an example, if you set that option to fifty, the program won’t like any images that have fifty or more likes. You can also set the minimum likes an image must have before you like it.

This program is really easy to use and can be set up in less than fifteen minutes.

Is this Program Right for Beginners?

Luke Maguire has designed a program that will allow you to follow and interact with your target market 24/7 while bringing in leads, new likes, traffic, followers, and sales.

InstaEasy won’t make you rich overnight. If you’re new to marketing, it’s also not something you should invest in because it teaches you nothing regarding the core fundamentals of running an online business. However, if you’re a pro and you’re looking for an effective tool for social media that can help to grow your business, then this program may be perfect for you.

Basically, this program is an Instagram automation bot that does all of the engagement work for you. It isn’t a program you’d want to use in order to make yourself Instafamous or for beginners who have no idea how to effectively use this type of tool for marketing purposes, which is why we don’t recommend it for newbies.

Is It For Beginners

It features an easy to use user-interface. Since it’s web-based it’ll work on any mobile device or computer. This program can be used for any language, simply use the hashtags in your language of choice and the program will use them to look for images or accounts that are related to those hashtags. The program also comes with a fourteen-day money back guarantee. This program is definitely something an experienced marketer can use in order to drive more site traffic and make some extra cash.

What We Found When We Tried InstaEasy

One thing we instantly noticed about this program is the fact that it doesn’t offer any type of upsells whatsoever after you purchase the initial product. Which is pretty refreshing considering more than ninety percent of other products push countless upsells in your face.

Another thing we noticed about this program when digging around is how easy it is to use. Once you have integrated this program into your Instagram account, all you have to do is add some hashtags and tweak the settings and you’re good to go. You can customize your settings based on your niche and the target market you’re trying to reach. You can decide whether to unfollow, follow, or like your target market, you can use several hashtags to follow a particular group of people, and much more. As an example, if you want to build a clean eating Instagram following, you’ll need to use relevant, hot hashtags that many users on Instagram will include in their biography and images, such as #paleo, #cleaneating, and #mealprepping. Next, just click on start service and the program will automatically connect you with followers in your target market.

As we mentioned, while Luke Maguire may promise you that you can rake in a ton of cash overnight, this simply isn’t true. So if you’re purchasing this program in the hopes of hitting it big within a month or two, clearly, this program isn’t for you. Because this isn’t the kind of product that will help you learn the fundamentals of online business if you’re completely new to internet marketing you should definitely stay away from this program.

On the other hand, if you have some marketing experience under your belt already, then this program could be very useful. It can help you to grow your social media presence, while also building trust and relationships with followers in your target market. Additionally, you’ll also be able to monetize off this following by using a number of methods such as selling your services or products, affiliate marketing, and much more.

There are a few general claims you’re bound to hear with most internet marketing products: little to no effort required, you can make serious cash online, and you can make a lot of money quickly. From a marketing standpoint, these claims are perfect. People usually want impressive results with no effort required, in no time at all. People aren’t going to be attracted to a product that claims it can help you to make money online in a couple of years through plenty of hard work. So, we wanted to be sure to point out that making a ton of money using InstaEasy in a short amount of time probably isn’t going to happen.

After going through the product and training section, we can safely say that you won’t be making the kind of money Maguire promises. From a long-term perspective, it’s totally doable, but it’s not going to happen in a day or week as the sales page claims. With that being said, for the right person, this is a great product.

Final Thoughts

The InstaEasy program is great, just keep in mind that there’s some effort required in order to experience ideal results. Obviously, the more followers you have the better. To the average person with no internet marketing experience, if they look at a profile on Instagram with ten thousand followers and another profile with fifty thousand followers, they’re going to assume the profile that has more followers is the most successful.

But just keep in mind that numbers don’t always equal success. One of the most important factors is how engaged your followers are. If the profile with fifty thousand followers has only about five thousand followers that they interact with, and the ten thousand followers profile has eight thousand highly engaged followers who share, like, and comment on images, then the ten thousand followers profile is much more successful.

Also, having a loyal following is also a great asset to have in your internet business. But using InstaEasy alone isn’t going to be enough to make you rich. What it can do is give you a major jumpstart on your following, but you’ll still need to know quite a bit about how to monetize that following. Because of this, we wouldn’t recommend this program to newbies, who should instead focus first on a general internet marketing training program. However, if you know what you’re doing, how to monetize leads and turn them into happy, loyal customers, then InstaEasy is a program that’s totally worth the time and money.

This program is perfect for what it is, which is a tool that can be used to grow your following. It’s super easy to customize and can be used to build whatever type of business you’re running, while effectively using one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. It won’t take a newbie from rags to riches, but it’s still an effective tool that can be used to grow your fan base and business.


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