Currently, Getresponse is considered one of the most popular tools used to design and send HTML e-newsletters. This company offers plans that are much more affordable compared to competitors, especially for users who have a large number of email addresses in their database. Email is the perfect way to reach new and existing customers. Whether you’re holding a contest, promoting a new product, or promoting content, the marketing, and email automation that Getresponse offers can really help.

What Getresponse Has to Offer

This service starts at fifteen dollars a month. The company offers flexible plans and a number of extra features, not to mention their thirty-day free trial. The free trial will allow users up to a thousand contacts and you won’t be required to enter in your billing information.

Price and Features

This company offers a variety of plans. The most affordable is the Email plan option which has a cost of fifteen dollars and allows users up to a thousand subscribers. For a hundred thousand contacts it’ll cost you over four hundred dollars a month. Every plan is available on a month to month basis, which is a huge plus for those consumers who don’t like committing to long term contracts. However, if you do decide to sign up for a one year contract then you can save eighteen percent for all tiers. If you pay for two years of service you’ll enjoy a thirty percent discount. Other email marketing services don’t currently offer this type of discount.

For just $49 you can dive into the Pro plan. You’ll get five thousand subscribers and an unlimited webinars feature, advanced marketing automation, and unlimited landing pages. This is one of their most popular plans. Unfortunately, Getresponse doesn’t offer refunds on any canceled accounts, so we recommend starting off month to month until you’re able to determine whether or not this service is worth it.

In the last couple of years, this company has added Salesforce Integration for customer relationship management, it also offers the ability to run webinars, which is designed to help the user collect new leads. It also supports multiple users on a single account, should you need logins for freelancers or employees. For the first five user accounts, you’ll shell out twenty dollars a month, with a cost of five dollars for additional users.

Signing up for a free trial is very easy. All you have to do is provide your name and email address and you’ll receive an activation email. Click the verification link, continue the registration process by providing your phone number so you can get a text with the verification code.



How to Create a Subscriber List

setting up your first campaign

Getresponse offers a number of ways to create your subscriber list. If you have a smaller list, all you have to do is copy and paste email addresses. For bigger lists, you can easily connect to third-party services or upload a number of file types. If you decide to import your list, you can also try to run it through a partner service if you’re unable to through a particular third-party service.

Once you’ve added subscribers, you can segment the list by open rate, location, or other criteria options. Advanced segmentation is part of Getresponse’s new marketing automation campaign. This feature allows you to target your users based on clicks, opens, autoresponder sequences, or location.

Getresponse offers a tool that allows you to create forms that you can embed on your site in order to solicit new signups. Or you can create event signups, order forms, and feedback forms. You can also use this service to create surveys and landing pages, and publish your newsletters on Twitter and Facebook. Last, of all, you can conduct A-B tests in order to try out different formats for newsletters, subject lines, and much more.

Setting up Your First Campaign

Getresponse offers a couple of tools for campaign creation: an HTML tool and an email creator tool. You can choose from hundreds of templates or start from scratch. Some of the templates we came across looked a little busy or dated, however, there is a wide variety to choose from so you’re bound to find one that meets your criteria or you can decide to create one yourself.

The newsletter preview feature is great, you can take a peek at your newsletter and see how it looks on mobile devices, email programs, and a number of browsers. Once you’ve done that you’ll receive a spam score. The spam score is helpful in the event you accidentally use certain terms that the email program will flag as spammy.

You’ll be able to send your newsletter out immediately, or you can take advantage of the scheduling option and choose a day and time to publish it.

You’re also able to send out autoresponder messages and newsletters based on certain factors such as confirmation of a profile change, a subscriber’s birthday, or any other type of specific data you have obtained.


We love that you’re able to see all of your campaigns on a single page, which displays top level info such as how many opens and how many contacts received your email. Their simple tracking tool includes Google Analytics integration. You can also have the reports delivered to your inbox, which is very convenient.

Marketing Automation That’s Solid

Getresponse offers a marketing automation suite that’s at the top of the class. The automation workflows are based on a few elements including filters, actions, and conditions. You’ll begin by dragging and dropping items such as “joined a list” or “received an email” into the workflow page. You’ll then need to drag and drop an action. Actions include what list to add a contact to and the type of message to send contacts. This type of workflow environment allows users to draw lines between conditions and actions in order to take a subscriber to different workflow stages based on how fast they accomplish your preset workflow goals.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we felt that Getresponse offers a great user experience, not to mention impressive third-party integration. The free trial is well worth a try considering you get a thousand contacts, which is much higher than what most competitors offer. Month to month and annual costs are reasonable, considering the ultimate customization this service has to offer.




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