If you own an online business then you already know that each month you have to pay for pricey tools used to run your business. These tools include the shopping cart, email autoresponder, site hosting, membership costs, site builder, and much more.

Additionally, you then have to worry about sales conversion and driving traffic. So, how can you be sure that your business is getting enough traffic and the right type of visitors?

Introducing ClickFunnels, a system that can save you a lot of money that’s otherwise spent on individual tools you routinely use. ClickFunnels also works to help you identify the right customers and the right type of traffic, resulting in an increase in sales conversion.




The ClickFunnels Platform

This platform provides users with a number of features, all of which are related to increasing sales conversion and generating leads for your product or business.

The term sales funnel is used for a small site with a number of pages the visitor must navigate through in order to make a purchase. When it comes to increasing sales conversion, these sites can be extremely effective.

Additionally, what runs behind the sales funnel can also double your sales conversion easily. This is the autoresponder. ClickFunnels has its very own autoresponder service known as Actionetics. This feature is complimentary with a ClickFunnels membership.

Actionetics is a tool that understands your visitors and works by sending targeted messages to customers.

Each tool needed in order to sell products online, from building an opt-in page, to capturing leads, upsell pages, and exit pop-ups, down sell pages, email follow up series, thank you pages, and even shopping carts is offered via the ClickFunnels platform.

And the result? You can build an entire sales funnel in less than an hour. This platform has truly changed the entire internet marketing industry.

No longer will you have to pay separate membership fees on each business tool because ClickFunnels has it all.

Companies such as Unbounce and Leadpages used to charge thousands of dollars to capture a large number of leads for their clients, but now, both platforms have changed up their strategy in order to compete with ClickFunnels.

The same can be said for popular autoresponder companies such as Infusionsoft and Aweber.

Many people who have signed up with ClickFunnels have saved thousands of dollars each month by ditching a number of independent marketing tools they use and sticking with just one: ClickFunnels.

What We Love About Click Funnels

What we love about click funnels

To start, the theme editor is pretty great. It’s all click-based so all you have to do is click and drag selected modules to create your theme. There are also several templates to choose from, based on a number of popular styles.

We felt that the entire platform was very user-friendly, allowing even newbies to expertly create professional grade funnels. You’ll also find a large selection of pre-made themes, no editing required.

Next, ClickFunnels offers a two-week free trial. Everyone can appreciate a free trial because it allows you to test out a product before making a commitment and spending money on something you may not even enjoy using. We highly recommend checking out the free trial to see if this platform suits your business needs. During the free trial, you can start collecting leads and creating funnels immediately.

Many users felt that the third party integrations were a total lifesaver. This software allows users to connect many third-party services to their funnels.

Most users can agree that Actionetics is a cool feature to use for any business owner with a desire to better understand their site visitors. This software works as an autoresponder, capturing the detailed data of any visitor who subscribes to your email list. The best part of Actionetics is that you don’t have to pay an additional fee, considering it’s a perk offered with a ClickFunnels membership.

The shopping cart also allows you to track orders. You won’t have to sign up for another service and integrate a shopping cart program since ClickFunnels covers this service as well.

Also, if you run a membership site, you can do so on the ClickFunnels platform.

Last of all, using ClickFunnels significantly cuts down on your business expenses, offering a solid flat rate for a number of services.




What We Didn’t Love

We’ve heard reports that there are some minor glitches in the templates. The design works very well, but some of the actual templates are faulty. Also, we found some templates that wouldn’t allow you to change all the text, which is kind of a deal-breaker for some users. However, these issues have improved quite a lot thanks to a number of updates.

For some, the price can be too steep for this service. Currently, the price is around a hundred dollars a month, which is higher than what some competitors charge. However, if you look at all the other systems you can replace and everything that you’re getting, it’s actually a reasonable price.

If you use WordPress fairly often, you may miss the type of integration that LeadPages offers.

What to Keep in Mind before Signing Up

What to keep in mind before signing up

Before you make the plunge and sign up, here are some things you should consider:

Prior to signing up, we suggest creating all the files you need for your funnel. This will save you time and money. You need to know what type of funnel to create based on the type of product you’ll be selling. Basically, you should have a clear idea of how you want to market your products before you sign up. Now, if you already have your business up and running, transferring your digital assets to the ClickFunnels platform should be an easy process.

Top Benefits of Using ClickFunnels

•    Fantastic customer support

•    Super user-friendly interface

•    The ability to track conversion through the entire sales funnel is incredibly easy

•    Create a limitless amount of membership sites, webinars, sales funnels, sales and landing pages

•    The only platform that provides users with full sales funnel overview combined with an impressive page designer

•    The ability to control your brand a hundred percent

•    Your pages will look amazing on smartphones and tablets with a fully responsive design

•    The ability to do split testing without the need of any external tools

How to Use ClickFunnels

This service was developed by Russell Brunson and his team. Unlike competitors, ClickFunnels allows users to create standalone pages and it’s all about building a wide variety of marketing funnels.

So, what exactly is a funnel? As we have already briefly touched on, funnels are basically a series of pages a visitor will go through to reach a certain goal.

A lead capture funnel can consist of a couple of pages designed to collect the visitor’s email address, then it will send them to a thank you page.

Or more sophisticated sales funnel can be created, consisting of multiple pages that sell to a visitor through every step of the funnel.

With this platform, you can create:

•    Lead capture/opt-in funnels which are used to capture email addresses that allow you to grow your mailing list.

•    Sales page funnels are designed to sell services and products and provide the ability to add any down sells or upsells to the sales process.

•    Webinar funnels are designed to encourage visitors to sign up for webinars

•    If you own a membership site, you can easily generate a recurring income

How Easy Are the Templates to Use?

This platform features its own distinctive set of templates designed for each type of funnel. Or, you can make your site from scratch, building pages using the editor. The editor is probably the most popular feature.

The editor will enable users to effortlessly put together different pages thanks to its easy to use point and click interface.

You don’t have to do any coding, so basically, anyone can create a pro looking site. Because everything is live, all of the design changes you make can be viewed in real-time.

When it comes to creating pages, you’ll enjoy quite a bit of flexibility. As an example, you can easily move most elements around, placing them wherever you want, which is something that the competitor’s editor doesn’t allow.

Once you’re ready to get started, creating the first funnel will be pretty easy. Just click the add funnels button and you’ll be taken to a screen that displays all the funnel options. If you’re not sure what each funnel does, you’ll find an embedded video that you can watch that will explain how each funnel works.

Now, just click on the funnel you want and hit the create funnel button. You’ll then be prompted to name the funnel.

The system then generates a set of pages based on the type of funnel you have chosen.

You can remove pages from the funnel by clicking on the large X found next to each page.

For every page, you can choose from the available templates. Every template has been professionally designed and there’s a large selection to choose from. Even better, ClickFunnels adds new templates all the time.

If you can’t find the template you’re looking for, then it may be best to start from scratch. This is accomplished by choosing a template and then deleting each of the sections found on the page.

A section is the basic building block of a page. The average funnel may have a header section, a footer section, and an above the fold content section.

Longer form sales pages may also feature a section for highlighting certain features.

ClickFunnels Design Flexibility

This system is flexible enough to support all design types.

A section can be divided even further into column rows. Users can choose from one up to six columns. Inside each column is where the user will insert a variety of ClickFunnels elements.

Some widget options include video, input forms, button, text, image, and headline. However, you can also include more advanced elements including survey, SMS signup, countdown timers, FAQ blocks, Facebook comments, video unlocker, pricing table, and custom HTML.

As you move your mouse over each element, row, or section, it will highlight it so you can use the contextual editor which allows you to change its properties.

Margins, background colours, alignment, and fonts can all be changed, in addition to element specific properties such as a specific image URLs.

Once you’ve played around with it for a bit you’ll realise that it’s very intuitive. Overall, we were impressed with the editor, which seems to strike a nice balance between ease of use and flexibility.

How to Track with ClickFunnels

Aside from helping users create individual pages for sales funnels, they also help users track how each page in a funnel performs.

Located at the top of every page, users can view in real-time, the total number of visitors per page. They can also keep an eye on the conversion rate and how many visitors clicked on the next button of the page. Users can also view this important information via a graph that will display stats over a specified period of time.

Split testing is also available and it’s essential for helping users optimise the conversion rate of their funnels.

If you click on the split testing tab you’ll see the stats for any existing split tests. You’ll also find the button that allows you to create new split tests.

Setting up a new test is fairly easy. The best way to go about it is to clone an existing page and tweak it from there.

Unfortunately, you won’t find a lot of advanced features for split testing. As an example, there’s no way to automatically rotate tests. We would love to see a winning split test after a significant amount of data has been obtained.


When it was first released, ClickFunnels was solely focused on the creation of funnels. But the company had even bigger ambitions and that’s how backpack came about.

Having a great affiliate program that attracts top affiliates is one of the best ways to boost the sales of your product, and this is exactly what Backpack can do. It’s basically a total affiliate platform for ClickFunnels that the user can attach to any of their funnels.

Once inside Backpack, the user can add everything they need for affiliates to promote their product, such as email swipe copy, affiliate links, and banner ads. Users can also set up their affiliate payouts and monitor how well each of their affiliates is performing.

There is even support for second tier commissions, which many users feel is a very powerful incentive.

LeadPages versus ClickFunnels

If you’ve been following along, learning more about what makes this system tick, then the odds are you’ve also wondered how it compares to its top competitor, which is LeadPages.

Really, you can easily see who uses LeadPages because the templates are so recognisable.

ClickFunnels hasn’t been out nearly as long, however, it does have some serious marketing power behind it.

The real strength behind ClickFunnels is the easy to use editor, which is much more flexible than the editor LeadPages uses.

Leadpages editing limitations allows for faster page construction, which is where they really shine.

ClickFunnels also offers another big advantage: the ability to create complete sales funnels, in addition to tracking all stats through each funnel stage.

LeadPages will only allow users to create single pages.

But what about when it comes to adding an order form, or down-sells and upsells? ClickFunnels can do that for you, but LeadPages can’t.

Best Funnel Hack Tips

When it comes to crafting a sales funnel, this system comes pretty close to being your one stop shop. However, a true funnel hacker, one who understands both the ins and outs of their audience will strive to have the best tools at their disposal in order to convert their visitors.

But it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of plug-ins, extensions, and tools out there. So, when it comes to smart business, you’ll one want to use the best of the best when you pick out funnel hacking tools.

If you’re very selective in your search you can avoid bloating your business and wasting your time.

So what exactly makes a tool worth your time? Basically, the best tools used to transform sales funnels are simple to utilise, understand and access. They won’t require a large investment of resources and time.

They should also be able to provide both flexibility and functionality, allowing you to customise a funnel to meet your vision. They should also be able to provide your marketing strategy with a much-needed push instead of distracting you from your goals.

Whether you want to understand the tools of the trade better or you’re just getting your feet wet with funnel hacking, you should consider how some of the following tools can increase conversions and influence your next funnel.




Other Programs that Complement the ClickFunnels Experience

Currently, Chrome is the king of browsers, with more than seventy percent of users relying on Google for their internet surfing needs.

So, it should come as no surprise that Chrome currently offers thousands of extensions designed to help businesses and marketers make decisions without ever having to leave the page.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to see what’s under the hood of a competitor’s site, or you’re just trying to build a new funnel, some of the following extensions can help to increase your productivity, while also cutting down on the amount of time you spend on research:

Colour scheme and design are the most important aspects of marketing, and they’re often overlooked. ColorZilla offers colour picking tools that help to remove some of the headaches that comes with funnel design.

Privacy and Protection

If you’re a funnel hacker and you’re concerned about privacy, it’s important that you protect yourself and understand who’s watching you. Ghostery is an extension that allows you to see whose collecting and tracking your data, while also allowing you to control permissions in regards to who you provide data to.

Mozbar is a great choice if you’re looking for link building opportunities for your funnel. It’s also a good choice if you simply want to figure out whether or not a site seems legit.

High-Converting Elements

Be sure that you don’t forget about the high-converting elements that are offered by ClickFunnels. Some of the tools have been proven to give visitors that extra push and can even end up being the cornerstone of your next sales funnel. These popular tools include order bumps, verification seals, and progress bars.

Custom CSS and HTML

As we mentioned earlier, a solid design is very important when it comes to crafting a sales funnel that actually converts. For additional customization, you should learn the ropes of custom CSS and HTML in order to give your funnel a much-needed facelift.

The benefits of a custom design include

•    Reducing bandwidth and transfer size, which results in a smoother browsing experience

•    Developing a sense of congruency throughout your site and funnel

•    Your site will be easier for search engines to crawl

•    Improved compatibility for browsers

You should first focus on learning how to make small tweaks with CSS and HTML, instead of diving right in and giving a funnel a total overhaul.

Visitor Recording and Heat Mapping

Conversion optimisation can be very tedious at times. After all, even when we take a look at the info provided by Google Analytics, it can still be difficult to understand why users fail to convert.

Heat mapping tools allow you to see just where users are dropping off and where they’re clicking. By understanding these elements of your page you can optimise imagery and copy accordingly. And you won’t just be taking a shot in the dark because your decisions will be based on data.

Tools such as Crazy Egg and Hot Jar feature built-in heat maps, while Hot Jar also comes with visitor recording tools. As you probably know, the best way to optimise conversions is to rely on your data.


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