Affilorama is a membership site that’s designed to teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. It’s actually an honest site that offers legit info, good training, and it also provides a lot of variety compared to other internet marketing products. However, many users felt that this service was way overpriced and that it teaches some outdated techniques. You may also be disappointed with the Affilorama community, which isn’t very active.  We took our time digging around, learning what each package has to offer in terms of extras and support.

A Closer Look at Affilorama Before You Buy

The first thing you’ll notice about Affilorama is that it’s very structured. The site has gone through many changes in recent months and most reviews on this service don’t reflect those changes.

The site is also organised in a very confusing way, dividing features into several packages, which makes it somewhat difficult to understand in terms of which package is the one you really need to buy to get started making money ASAP.



Package Options and Pricing

The free trial membership provides many of the features you’ll enjoy with the regular membership.  You will have access to some important training videos, a blog, and the member forum. There’s plenty of information available on the free version, but we felt that it’s also a bit jumbled.

  • The premium package features a cost of sixty-seven dollars a month and it’s the site’s biggest seller. If you’re interested, you can go for the thirty day trial for just a dollar.
  • The Affilotheme is a premium WordPress theme that used to cost around a hundred dollars but now it’s only available as part of the Afilloblueprint package.
  • The Afilloblueprint package is available at just under two hundred dollars and it grants users lifetime access. This package includes the popular step by step training course designed for beginners.
  • The Afillojetpack consists of premade niche sites with email swipes, content, and other ready-made material. It’s also available at a whopping nine hundred and ninety-seven dollars.

Overall, we feel that this is a legit program. Mark Ling does a great job of laying everything out before you sign up, which is what sets him apart from most of those online gurus. Ling also has a great rep and his affilo stuff has been around for more than a decade, while most online products don’t last longer than a year.

We like that the site is member focused and includes a forum that’s somewhat active, as opposed to a video series or a site that just features a static PDF.

The main thing we liked about Affilorama was the fact that the videos used accompanied with bulleted overviews, scripts you can download, and high-quality voice-overs. Video training isn’t always the most convenient, especially if you have a limited internet connection.

Is the One Dollar Trial Worth a Look?

In regards to the one dollar trial, you will have access to the forum and about thirty training modules, in addition to the official blog and some free webinar sessions. While we felt that the info offered in the free trial isn’t the best, it’s definitely worth a look if you’re on a tight budget. It also gives you a little taste of what the site has to offer.

What We Loved and Hated About the Premium Package

What we loved and hated about it

The premium membership is a little disappointing, however, there was one thing we did like and that was the training videos on product creation. We don’t think product creation is as profitable or easy, but there are some online marketers that prefer this type of work to affiliate marketing and they would definitely benefit from these videos.

We were disappointed to learn that there wasn’t much available in the premium area. We only came across nineteen videos in the premium vault, with seven of these videos devoted to product creation. The other videos were not part of a comprehensive course and instead featured random topics.

Hosting is also kind of a disappointment. While hosting is included in the premium package, you’ll be limited to fifteen domains, with limitations for each domain.

There’s also no website builder, so you’ll have to figure out FTP right off the bat. While FTP isn’t all that hard to deal with, for a beginner it can seem impossible.

Getting help is probably one of the main appeals to joining a membership site. There’s definitely some active members to be found and moderators who will answer your questions.

But most of the activity seems weeks or months old. You won’t get to enjoy daily or even hourly changes or interaction.

Steep Pricing Options for Subpar Packages

Steep pricing options for subpar packages

The package pricing is a little steep considering there are many choices out there that offer a cheaper monthly subscription.  We also don’t like that paying for the premium package won’t provide access to all of the tools. In order to have total tool access, Affilorama expects users to spend nearly a thousand dollars. It’s unfortunate that they try to charge you two hundred more for the Affiloblueprint option when all it offers is more training.

If total, if you purchase all the site has to offer you can expect to shell out a couple of grand for the first year. That’s actually quite a bit less than the average brick and mortar business, but it’s a lot to pay for an online membership service that offers many of the same tools and features that their lower priced competitors do.

Should you Pass Affilorama by?

After an in-depth look at everything Affilorama has to offer, we felt that it was confusing to navigate, very Clickbank focused, and it wasn’t updated as frequently as it should be. While the training offered is decent, the packages are simply way overpriced and they’re definitely not worth a recurring fee of two grand in total expenses. If you’re still considering giving this service a shot, we recommend going with the one dollar thirty-day trial to start.


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