AWeber is an email marketing tool that offers an easy to use platform that’s very intuitive. The templates used work to simplify the entire process of creating email marketing campaigns that are visually attractive. The dashboard reports important basic statistics, but the program can’t import your contacts from Gmail or other types of third-party address books. It also doesn’t offer Google Analytics integration which some feel is a bit limiting.

AWeber Overview and Features

If you’re interested in AWeber, but not quite ready to take the plunge, they currently offer a thirty-day free trial. To use the free trial you’ll be required to fill out a form that includes billing information. To cancel, simply send an email to the customer support team.

This program also offers a feature called Follow-Up Messages, which allows the user to send messages to any and all new subscribers. The Campaigns feature offers users a number of ways to send autoresponders. This can be done based on subscriber behavior, time and day, or it can tag contacts in your database. You’ll also have the ability to stop or pause the autoresponders at any time.

The campaign tracking will allow you to have a look at what caused some users to unsubscribe and just how far each subscriber is in your follow-up series of emails. This will allow you to tweak your autoresponders as needed.

This program features annual, quarterly, or monthly plans. The most affordable plan is for five hundred contacts and costs less than twenty dollars a month. AWeber will charge just ten dollars to the normal rate if you want to expand up to twenty-five thousand users. For thirty dollars more you can increase the capacity to five thousand users.



How to Create a Subscribers List

how to create a subscribers list

With this program, you can manually add ten contacts using a form. Each of the records will collect the name of the subscriber, their email address, the name of the initial email message the subscriber will receive and the ad-tracking value.

Using the import tool can be a better option because it features a textbox so you can cut and paste mass quantities of email addresses, and upload spreadsheets.

Unfortunately, for pulling contacts they don’t offer third-party integration which is disappointing. However, you can export your Gmail contacts using a CSV file and the import tool.

Using this program, you’ll need to tell it where your subscribers came from, whether they gave a verbal agreement, opted to receive mail, purchased a product, or signed a form. The program will also want to know whether this list is being moved from another mail marketing program. Aweber’s reason behind this is pretty simple- they just want to ensure you’re not purchasing lists or spamming. The program will also send out a confirmation message that’s sent to your contacts to verify their subscription.

Another issue is the user’s inability to use disposable domains. Unfortunately, this isn’t clearly communicated. They don’t send an error message when addresses are rejected, and nothing will show up on the import history log.

When you create a list, you’ll have the choice of using a subject that’s pre-generated, such as “subscription confirmation” or you can create your own. When you create your own subject line you’re required to wait one business day in order for the AWeber team to verify that it’s valid. The program also features a wizard that will walk you through the process of creating any signup forms. Many users were happy to see that they could segment users based on profile information or custom fields.

Aweber claims it has autoresponders, but basically, their autoresponders just automatically send welcome messages to users once they’re added to the list. You won’t have any way to send messages based on special events such as birthdays like other leading programs allow.


Compared to other services, AWeber tends to treat emails slightly differently. There are different processes required for creating a follow-up series, blog broadcasts, and broadcast messages. A follow-up email is automatically sent each time a new user is added, and the blog broadcast will grab posts from blogs, compiling them in a newsletter form. Broadcast messages are one-time messages. Users can also create their own email templates using the Email Manager, where they’ll be able to write their own template using the AWeber API or they can choose to customize an existing template.

Once you’re finished with your newsletter you can schedule a time to send it or choose to send it out right away. There’s no option to send out a campaign at a specific time based on a subscriber’s location.

Tracking a Campaign

Once you’ve sent out a campaign, you can track how successful or unsuccessful it is via the Reporting tool. For every campaign, you’ll be able to view the click and open rates, in addition to the number of unsubscribes and replies. While there’s a helpful step by step guide regarding how to use Google Analytics, there’s no Google Analytics integration.

This program offers one of the most extensive sets of reports you’ll ever see in an email marketing tool. The available reports can include follow-up statistics, the location of subscribers, growth, new subscribers, the number of list clicks over time, and a list of opens over time.

Final Thoughts

AWeber is a program that’s all about guiding you through these processes, which is what makes it perfect for people who are totally new to internet marketing. You’ll find a number of video tutorials that are designed to help you determine what you need to do, and every option or field that needs to be filled out features a link that will open up to quick help advice and tips. The downside is that live help is pretty limited. Chat support and phone support options are available, but only during business hours.

This service offers its customers a mix of advanced and basic features in an easy to navigate interface that’s very user-friendly. The extensive reporting tools and the large number of help tools and resources make AWeber a solid performer, one you’ll definitely want to consider using for your business.



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