Top 20 Dividend Stocks – November 2012

Questrade Democratic Pricing - 1 cent per share, $4.95 min / $9.95 maxApparently, the best time to purchase equities is at the end of October. It usually reaches a low on October 28 and the data goes back 60 years. Are you an investor that sell in May and buy back again in the fall? I am finding that there are indeed some good opportunities. Don’t buy anything just because it’s low but because it fits in your portfolio.

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If you want to get access to some quick stock research on a technical front, try one of the services below:

Top 20 Dividend Stocks – Technical Screening

The technical screening is based on 5 criteria that I can easily fetch from Google Finance.

  • P/E : Target is 15
  • 52 Week Range : The lower in the range the higher the score
  • Yield : Normalized up to 6% (this one is manual)
  • Payout Ratio : Under 60%
  • Market Cap : Bonus multiplier with a target of $25B or more (+/- 10%). I normalize it between 0.9 and 1.1 and use that to multiply my previous total of the first 4 criteria.
Intel (INTC) has yet again made it to the list. Investors in Intel must really go through a roller coaster ride theses days. Chevron and McDonald are 2 picks I have in my RRSP. Laurentian Bank is the only Canadian bank I don’t currently own and National Bank has done quite well for me. It was the first to increase its dividend amongst the Canadian Banks and did so twice in one year.
TickerCompanyQuote52 Week RatioP/EMarket CapDividendYieldPayout RatioValue Metric
INTCIntel Corporation$20.791.62%9.08103.46$0.234.33%39%5.58
LB.TOLaurentian Bank$43.8639.90%9.911.23$0.454.10%41%5.23
BPO.TOBrookefield Office Properties$15.9040.79%7.088.01$0.143.52%25%5.06
ABX.TOBarrick Gold$35.8922.02%10.6935.91$0.202.23%24%4.96
PWF.TOPower Financial$25.9441.82%11.0718.37$0.355.40%60%4.95
CVX** Chevron$106.1052.63%8.70207.66$0.903.39%30%4.80
LMTLockheed Martin Corp.$89.5172.78%10.2228.96$0.753.35%34%4.78
POW.TOPower Corporation$24.6052.56%11.5311.31$0.294.72%54%4.62
CBChubb Corporation$74.0258.08%11.1719.39$0.372.00%22%4.57
WAG** Walgreen$32.9049.55%13.5931.06$0.182.13%29%4.56
GWO.TOGreat West Life$23.2667.99%10.6722.10$0.315.33%57%4.52
CNQ.TO* Canadian National Resources$28.0918.81%13.0330.74$0.111.50%19%4.52
BNS.TOScotia Bank$54.0069.69%10.8061.89$0.574.22%46%4.48
MCD** McDonald$85.256.60%16.0685.59$0.773.61%58%4.46
NA.TONational Bank$76.8678.60%8.7712.44$0.794.11%36%4.46
APDAir Products & Chemicals$80.1624.28%17.2216.97$0.582.89%50%4.40
The double star (**) highlights a US Dividend Aristocrat and the single star (*) indicates a Canadian Dividend Aristocrat.

Top 20 Dividend Stocks – Dividend Yield

This list is really just for fun. When I started dividend investing before I put together my technical screening, I used to start with the yield but it’s really not the best way to pick a stock. A high yield and a high ratio is really a cause for concern. Income trusts play by a slightly different rules so pay attention to that. Liquor Store (LIQ) has done wonders for me since I got it. It’s not a dividend growth stock but the growth and its continuous high yield is remarkable. Yet, I must be careful about the payout ratio.

TickerCompanyQuote52 Week RatioP/EMarket CapDividendYieldPayout RatioValue Metric
ERF.TOEnerplus Corp$12.909.62%#N/A2.56$0.1816.74%-131.71%#N/A
JE.TOJust Energy$10.127.14%14.611.41$0.1012.25%179.70%2.53
AGF.B* AGF Management$9.480.13%17.100.88$0.2711.39%196.36%2.38
ATP.TOAtlantic Power Corp$12.2518.41%#N/A1.46$0.109.80%-157.89%#N/A
CPG.TOCrescent Point Energy$38.0024.20%65.4313.30$0.237.26%475.86%1.73
BA.TOBell Alliant$27.0574.14%18.306.16$0.487.02%128.38%1.34
AX.UNArtis REIT$15.6665.38%5.281.73$0.096.90%36.49%3.69
COS.TOCanadian Oil Sand$20.6338.83%10.0910.00$0.356.79%68.29%2.71
KEG.UNThe Keg Royalty Income Fund$14.3181.38%24.950.16$0.086.71%168.42%0.97
PBH.TOPremium Brands Holding Corp$17.6551.38%20.500.37$0.296.57%134.88%1.70
EIF.TOExchange Income Fund$26.5192.93%22.360.54$0.146.34%141.18%0.74
LIQ.TOLiquor Store Income Fund$18.0263.98%19.390.41$0.095.99%116.13%2.99
DH.TODavis + Henderson$20.8489.36%17.431.23$0.315.95%103.33%2.34
PPL.TOPembina Pipeline$27.3046.46%29.737.88$0.135.71%169.57%3.00
RSI.TORogers Sugar$6.0144.03%14.030.57$0.095.66%79.07%3.60
TCL.A* Transcontinental Inc$9.9737.04%#N/A0.80$0.145.62%-38.10%#N/A
KMPKinder Morgan Energy$79.6133.19%51.4129.06$1.115.58%286.45%3.02
SLF.TOSun Life Financial$26.4599.89%27.0915.79$0.365.44%146.94%1.92

For a list of my holdings, see the Dividend Income section where I list my dividend holdings monthly with the dividends earned.

Readers: Any of the companies on your watch list?

Disclaimer: Please note that this blog post represents my opinion and not an advice/recommendation. I am not a financial adviser, I am not qualified to give financial advice. Before you buy any stocks/funds consult with a qualified financial planner. Make your decision at your own risk – see my full disclaimer for more details.

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5 Responses to "Top 20 Dividend Stocks – November 2012"

  1. Bernie says:

    Very interesting to see LB.TO in the screening, I’ve never considered this stock before.

    BTW – the yields you show for WAG & LMT are over 1% too low.

  2. youngdividend says:

    INTC looks very undervalued. The market is overreacting. PC is not dead. They have over 80% of PC market and are now getting into the tablet and smartphone market. It will take time. LONG INTC

  3. youngdividend says:

    Great article btw.

  4. Normand says:

    I own 3 on your second list and two of them, EIF and DH just raised their dividends.

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