Cramer’s Top Dividend Stocks

Questrade Democratic Pricing - 1 cent per share, $4.95 min / $9.95 maxI stumbled upon an article on CNBC reporting Cramer’s top dividend companies for 2012. I was surprised by some of the name and as such I wanted to know what you thought of them. Interestingly enough, I only own 1 of them with Coca-Cola (KO). I picked Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) over Abbot Laboratories (ABT), AT&T (T) over Verizon (VZ) and I have McDonald (MCD).

What I find interesting though is that the companies aren’t really top dividend pick for one year only. You pick them for decades. It wasn’t clear if he was highlighting that they are good value at the moment … I’ll that up to you to assess :)

I wanted to see how they did with my technical screening so I have provided my value score at the end. Not many would be a buy for me at the moment. The closer the value is to 6, the better the value is from a technical perspective. Don’t use the value indicator as gospel but simply as an indicator as some stocks really just need to have the trigger pulled sometimes. Look at the competition and evaluate them on their merit.

NameTickerPriceYieldPayout RatioEPSP/EMarket CapValue
Abbot LaboratoriesABT$67.313.06%66.66%$3.0921.8105.631.62
American Electric PowerAEP$43.474.33%56.35%$3.3413.0321.083.86
Duke EnergyDUK$64.884.73%91.33%$3.3619.345.683.02
E. I. du Pont de NemoursDD$50.693.4%46.71%$3.6913.7247.164.40
Energy Transfer PartnersETP$43.428.16%77.36%$4.589.4710.652.69
First EnergyFE$42.865.1%80.07%$2.7315.6817.924.03
General MillsGIS$39.293.36%56.18%$2.3516.7225.474.06
International PaperIP$35.052.89%40.20%$2.5213.8815.333.68
Microchip TechnologiesMCHP$34.424.05%89.36%$1.5622.136.672.61
Verizon CommunicationsVZ$44.214.71%208.23%$144.1125.952.08
Waste ManagementWM$34.324.12%71.78%$1.9717.4115.912.57

If you want to get access to some quick stock research on a technical front, try one of the services below:

Readers: What do you make of the list?

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9 Responses to "Cramer’s Top Dividend Stocks"

  1. Interesting list. I own a few, like ABT, KO, DUK. I think these are solid companies for the long-haul.

    Maybe Jim is going mainstream?

    • The Passive Income Earner says:

      So you own more from the list than I do. I have to admit that I would buy ABT, it’s just that I usually find a better price alternative for a better yield. It’s one of those stocks that you just have to bite the bullet and buy it.

  2. PipsToday says:

    I have some share of Coca-Cola and General Mills. I invested one year ago in these companies and finally my decision was right. However I am not surprised with “Cramer’s top dividend companies for 2012″ report because most of the prominent companies are listed here.

  3. I had my eyes on COP for a while now. I kept missing with my limit.
    I like KO and GIS too.

  4. gibor says:

    From the list I hold COP and ABT, I like them both … during this year added COP on pullback, COP already did a spin off, as a result I got shares of PSX, PSX yield is not impressive but appreciation is pretty good and I expect big dividend increase next year. COP after spin-off didn’t reduce dividends and yield nicely jumped.
    Soon ABT will do a spin-off and imho it’s a good thing for shareholders

    • The Passive Income Earner says:


      Those are two companies I have been looking at for my RRSP. I’ll have to read a bit more on the spin-off and what it means.

  5. Gary says:

    Would be nice to see what the dividend increases have been going back 5 or more years and if they are aristocrats.

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