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The Case For Buying AAPL

As an investor, you always want to keep your options open. Your stock watch list should be an ever changing list where companies are added and companies are removed from the list. For the longest time, I did not have APPL on my watch list as it was not a dividend paying company but once it did, I felt prudent in adding the world’s biggest company to my watch list not to mentioned that it has been a hot stock talked by all. Related: Managing Your Watch List When looking at a company, it’s important to not look at it with emotions and it is sometimes hard. The love / hate relationship with their product is not what you evaluate but the business, its profitability, its growth and future potential. I personally ignored it for a couple of years when it first decided to pay dividends ...

TFSA Performance After 5 Years

The Money Sense magazine is doing their 2nd annual TFSA Race by sharing reader’s portfolio performances. What I find nice about the TFSA account aside from the tax free aspect is that everyone is on the same playing field. It doesn’t matter if you are worth millions or pennies. The rules are the same and since 2009, you can only have invested a maximum of $31,000.  The key question is how much is your $31,000 worth now? Related: TFSA Usage & Strategies Let me start by highlighting that I am enjoying a 15.35% annual return on my investments since 2009. I use the capital invested which is $31,000 to calculate the performance of my money. Note that my ROR includes the current market turbulence. Related: How To Calculate Your ROR Another performance metric for my TFSA account is ...
Dividend Income

Dividend Income – October 2014

The markets have been quite tumultuous these past weeks not to mentioned the price of oil impacting the energy sector. These are the moments where you want to have rules in place and follow through with your strategy regardless of where you are in your financial roadmap. I shared my core 7 Investing Rules that keep me grounded and in check with my portfolio. When markets are down, opportunities abound and those are the reasons to have some cash on the side. Theoretically, as the markets go up, one should start having more cash to jump in when the pull back comes around. Personally, I had some cash, not much though and I did not initiate any transactions. Related: Canadian Oil Giants Review Dividend Income October is just a regular month with my dividend income. I earned a total of $670.24 for ...
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