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My 7 Investing Rules

Having investing rules is important as it is what keeps you from following the flock and making questionable moves. How often do you resist buying a hot stock? With some investing rules, you can avoid falling for hot tips or becoming emotional. I will be the first to admit that it has taken me a few years to really sort out my rules. The goal is not to have a long list but to have some core rules that you cannot ignore when investing. It keeps you honest to your goals. Investing Rules 1. Invest only in what I know and understand Peter Lynch said it best, if you cannot explain the business so that a child can understand it, then it’s probably too complicated. This mantra is the first filter I apply to the companies I put on my stock watch list. Related: Managing Your Stock Watch List 2. ...
Dividend Income

Dividend Income – September 2014

By the time you reach September, your annual dividend income is probably locked in. It just happens that dividends are mostly-pre-determined. If you have monthly dividend income, they don’t tend to increase regularly. The nature of business from the companies that pay monthly dividend is different than the companies paying quarterly dividends. When it comes to quarterly dividends, you really just have another quarter and dividend increases are usually announced after the previous earnings. That means, your dividend income for the rest of the year is pretty much locked in. Related: Why Hold High Yield Dividend Investments Dividend Income Big dividend income month. My biggest month ever! I am proud to announce I have earned $830.49. For those interested in some yield numbers, here is what ...
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Differences Between Canadian & US Stock Markets

Aside from the obvious currency difference, do you really understand the strength of each stock markets? From a population perspective, the USA is nearly 10 times bigger than Canada, you would expect the stock markets to be somewhat bigger by the same ratio. It’s nearly true with a couple of exceptions. Anecdotally, the entire population of Canada is just under the population of California alone. That alone should give you a sense of the economies at work.Canadian investors should understand the need to invest in the US. US investors should pay attention to the exceptions. In most cases, the companies of interest are probably trading on a US exchange already.Currency is often the challenge but there are ways to overcome that challenge and get access to the money in an effective ...
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