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Dividend Income

Dividend Income – July 2014

Another month of passive income coming my way. Without much thought, the income flows in. In fact, I got more shares in 7 companies in total. That’s compound growth at work. That’s what I call having my money work for me. Over time, compound growth will do magic on a portfolio. Stock appreciation is one aspect of growth, but growing your shares without adding more money is another way to grow a portfolio. Related: The 8th Marvel of the World Dividend Income I’ll have to wait a little while for another record breaking month and satisfy myself with $609.19 for now. I have some cash that is not invested yet and I am simply waiting to have a little more to make a purchase by either adding to one of my position or taking a new position. I tend to be reluctant to take new position ...

Best Money Transfer with Tangerine

I never thought banking would be so easy with Tangerine now. Let’s face it but as a family, rarely do we deal with just one bank. We either have a loan for X over there and a mortgage over here and our pay comes into this other bank. If you have everything at the same bank, you either have amazing negotiating skills or you are leaving money on the table for the benefit of consolidation. Keeping everything consolidated is what we all want really and the banks know that so they don’t always have an incentive to give you what you want. Related: Tangerine – My Switch to NO Bank Fees Just recently, I started discussing renewing my mortgage and I was sensing a reluctance to not match the mortgage rates from mortgage brokers. What? You certainly do not know me as I will move away with ...
Interest Rates

Smith Manoeuvre – When Should You Consider It

The Smith Manoeuvre is a strategy that allows Canadian home owners to convert their mortgage into a tax deductible investment. It’s often referred to as the Canadian Tax Deductible Mortgage. South of the border, our American friends benefit from having the interest on their mortgage as tax deductible where as in Canada, none of those benefits exist. The interest paid on our mortgage is paid with after tax income. Not so long ago, The Smith Manoeuvre found a way to convert the biggest debt individual would take over a lifetime into a tax deductible investment. The first time I read that, I was ready to jump with both feet but once I understood the process, I was a little reluctant due to the cash flow requirements. I realized that while it’s a good thing to get tax credit wherever ...
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