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Dividend Income

Dividend Income – August 2014

Over the past year, I have not really been focusing on adding new holdings but rather increasing my current holdings. I have a good number of holdings that I can manage and I want to make sure I can synthetically DRIP since many investments trade at around $100 per share, I need over $10K to be able to DRIP one share. Related: DRIP explained A couple of changes are going to happen on their own as Kimberley-Clark (KMB) will spinoff its healthcare dividend by creating a new company named Halyard Health. The spinoff is not completed yet and I will probably just hold on to those shares as well. Bell Canada (BCE) also decided to purchased the remaining shares in Bell Alliant which will have a slight impact in my dividend earnings as I will get a lower yield for my new BCE shares. Dividend Income I ...
Rent or Buy

Decision Process: Buy or Rent

As prices go up in many cities, I often read that you should rent versus own a home. In my view, every situation is different and what I hate is giving my money away. When I pay a mortgage, I essentially give myself some money in equity. When you rent, you are simply giving the money away. The same goes for a car, when you lease a vehicle, you are essentially giving a lot of it away (even if you have the right to purchase it later). There is obviously a point of no return when renting is better. Let me walk you through the process to assess if you should buy or rent a home. The biggest mistake many make is to make renting or owning a place an emotional decision rather than a financial decision through logical steps. Just like with investing, emotions tend to really screw up money decisions. Decision ...

Computershare Guide

Here is everything you need to know about Computershare to put YOUR MONEY at work. I kick started my new dividend investing financial plan through Computershare and step by step increased my net worth but also my income from my investments. I am the type of person who wants to be in control of my destiny and seeing my money making money even when the stock market is a roller coaster. When the markets are down, I can see that my money is still at work making money. With Computershare, if you start early, your pennies will be at work, not just a full share or even 10K worth of a share. Related: Guide to DRIP What is Computershare? Computershare is a company that helps manage stock plans for companies along with DRIP accounts. Computershare is not a discount broker and you cannot have any other ...
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