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YOU vs Warren Buffett

I could not resist sharing this infographic. Do you aspire to be wealthy? It sure would be nice to not have to worry about money but attempting to be the next Warren Buffett is not really a goal you should have. As we said goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015, I hope you have made some financial goals. Those are certainly easier to achieve than losing weight in my opinion While the infographic is interesting, what you need to take away is that you cannot always chase others. Stop looking at the Joneses and strive to do better than the previous year step by step. Someone someday will be the next Warren Buffett and that will probably be because they focused on improving their finances and wealth step by step! Read on and find out the 6 things Mr. Buffett recommends you do with your money in 2015! Infographics ...
Financial Goals

2015 Financial Goals

I always have goals but I don’t always publicly share them. After reading the goals of some fellow bloggers over at Freedom 35, My Own Advisor and Boomer & Echo, I though I would put mine in writing. In my most recent newsletter communication, I have highlighted how I want to grow my investment portfolio by $100,000 this year as I was able to achieve that last year. It’s a tough goal to reach and last year I got help from the markets and the US currency. 2015 Financial Goals As my friend Mark has said, there are goals that are on auto-pilot that we don’t feel are goals anymore … They are natural actions that we take and do like all other actions in our day-to-day life. They are not questionable and are now natural. Measurable & Actionable$5,500 TFSA Contribution ...
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Year End RESP Trades

Every now and again, I sit down and review my accounts in details. My spreadsheet is setup to continuously show me my diversification across sector along with the performance of my different stock but I don’t dive deep all too often. I do a pass once a month for the dividend and adjust for any increases. Generally though, I don’t spend much time looking at the profits or losses of my individual investments but when doing a more rigorous review, I do pay attention to ensure it is not a sign to sell or to add more on a pullback. During the month of December, as I started planning where I would invest my RESP contribution in the new year, I looked deeper into my investments and made some changes. RESP Adjustments Sold Shaw Communications (SJR.B) Shaw Communications (SJR.B Trend) had ...
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