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The Passive Income Earner - 2/176 - Building Wealth With Dividend Income!


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Best Investment Podcast

Best Investment Podcasts

Over the past year, I switched from listening to the radio in the morning to listening to investment podcasts to keep up with the markets and stay current on some companies. It fills up my ride to work in the morning. In the evening I tend to relax while listening to music though. I initially posted my list last year in may 2013 and I am providing an update as we have new comers in the field! Depending on the length of your drive to work, different podcasts may be more applicable but I have found a few podcasts that I really cycle amongst them. Best Investment Podcasts 1. Mad Money with Jim Cramer I admit, I am surprised to put Cramer as my first. After one podcast, I wasn’t convinced. After 2 weeks, I am convinced it’s the best that I found right now. It’s not like I am ...
Dividend Tracker

Understanding Currency Hedging

When investing in US ETFs, you sometimes have the choice of picking a Canadian Hedge version of the ETF versus buying the US ETF directly in US currency. For many ETFs, the option is available and it’s another decision an investor has to make and often right before pulling the trigger. What is Currency Hedging? Currency hedging is protecting your investment from foreign currency fluctuations. Currency hedging is used when the holdings are offered to you in your home currency but the investments are in a foreign currency. A perfect example is to compare the same index ETF to visualize currency hedging. VOO – US $ Vanguard S&P 500 index traded on NYSE VFV – CDN $ Vanguard S&P 500 index traded on TSX VSP – CDN $ Vanguard CDN hedged S&P 500 index traded on TSX Here ...
Dividend Aristocrats

I want a Pay Cheque without having to work!

Isn’t this the dream? At the end of the day, this is like achieving financial independence without a trust fund or a wealthy family. Retirement is basically achieving that goal but I want to achieve that much earlier. My ‘findependence‘ goal is to be financially free of obligations by age 45 and hopefully, I can earn quite a bit of income by that time. Related: Financial Freedom At 45 (Check out my progress!) Is it possible? Yes, many have done it and are doing it. You need realistically define your needs and reign in your want to what makes sense. You need to control your spending and manage them. There are fixed spending and there are variable spending. If you put a budget together, you can quickly assess what is required and what is unnecessary spending. I put a spreadsheet ...
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