News Update: Dividend Increase

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Rogers Communication (RCI.B) increased dividends by 10% this week bringing their dividends to $0.355 and a yield of 4.07%. Rogers is a Canandian Dividend Aristocrat and continues to reward investors. I do not hold a position in Rogers but it is on my short list and is trading near the bottom of its 52-week low.

TransCanada Corporation (TRP), another Canadian Dividend Aristocrat, also increased its dividend after a quarter that exceeded expectations. The increase of 2 cents, for a total of $0.42 per quarter, represent a 5% increase and provides TRP with a 4.42% dividend yield.

Disclaimer: I have a long position in TRP.

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12 Responses to "News Update: Dividend Increase"

  1. Chris Reed says:

    So that’s an extra amount paid out in one year? Always when dividends were paid and at what frequency.

  2. Why not buy Rogers now? The debt is a short-term obligation from recent aquistions and the yield is good. It’s better managed than Shaw. I noticed you don’t hold JNJ or MCD. JNJ looks good right now, low PE etc.

    • The Passive Income Earner says:

      It’s a matter of finding the cash… Over the next 2 weeks, I will probably hold Rogers in a non-registered account.

      As for JNJ and MCD, I’d like to hold them but I the time when I had money in my RRSP account to buy US, I bought other opportunities but I like those too.

  3. Mihou says:

    Just a question:
    How many shares of a stock one should buy or own before saying i am long in MCD,TRP ,JNJ etc…
    Hoping the markets will go bullish this coming week.
    Have a nice day.

  4. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been looking for stocks to fill my TFSA with, but so many stocks are trading at their 52 week highs. I will take a closer look at Rogers.

    If I go with Rogers, I’ll end up owning some shares with all of the ‘big three’! :)

  5. MoneyCone says:

    Good to know! I recently added this to my portfolio – timing wasn’t too bad!

  6. Mihou says:

    thanks Passive for enriching my knowledge.

  7. gibor says:

    “Hoping the markets will go bullish this coming week” – I also hoped, but s$@% happens…lol

    Probably after today’s big drop, it’s a good time to buy RCI. Also, BA looks nice with close to 52 weeks low price and 7+% yield.

    P.S. Today, I bought JNJ on pullback, in addition to another aristocrat ABT

  8. gibor says:

    Twice almost bought LIQ, had limit on 15.62 , stock reached this price, but my order wasn’t filled… will try to catch good price before next ex-div date 9if won’t buy RCI or BA) earlier

  9. Mihou says:

    Hello everyone,
    Since i am trying to pick and invest in some stocks owned by W.Buffet ( for long term )i have a question for you guys
    what do you think about these 3 cheapest stocks in Warren Buffet’s portofolio:

    I could not find sufficient information about CDCO
    Thanks in advance.

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