Weekly Blog Round: Investing eBooks Bonanza

investing eBooksThis weekend, I am bringing to your attention a number of investing eBooks created by fellow bloggers. A lot of work goes on into putting a book together and I’d like to bring your attention to those eBooks as you may benefits from them.

I believe the following eBooks would definitely add value to many DIY investors. The first principle in investing is to understand yourself and define your boundaries. With your boundaries define, look for information to become more knowledgeable in that area from both an investing and a tax perspective as they both contribute to the bottom line of your returns.

Investing eBooks

Dividend Toolkit – Dividend Monk

Dividend Investing e-bookI am more than half way through this book and just nearing the analysis part. So far, I have enjoyed Matt’s book and there are is one quote I am looking forward to share in my book review.

If you are on the fence about dividend investing, Matt goes over the details of dividend investing with an index investing comparison that might just convert anyone on the fence.

I am looking forward to get through the analysis part as Matt does amazing stock analysis on his site.


Dividend Growth Investing eBook – Dividend Guy

Dividend GrowthMike at The Dividend Guy Blog has put together another eBook. In fact, he put together 2 eBooks; one for Canadians and one for Americans.

I have not started reading them as they are hot of the press but I saw a preview at Dividend Pig and the quadrant concept explained is just brilliant!!!

I am looking forward to see the difference between the Canadian and American version. As an investor investing on both side of the 49th parallel, I am interested in both and they are currently available on Amazon.


Aristocratic Dividend eBook – Investing Ninja

Investing eBook - Aristocrat DividendThere is another Ninja in the investing blogosphere over at He already has an eBook on Dividend Aristocrats ready for his readers and he is giving it for free through a registration on his site.

It is designed to help any investors navigate the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrat landscape and help investors fish out the proper investments.

As you all know, I am a big fan of dividend aristocrats and the U.S. companies in that list have an amazing track record. Combine that with the 10-10 rule, and you are golden.


Worthy Readings

This weekend, I’ll point you all to the following carnivals and let you enjoy the books mentioned above.

Have a nice weekend!


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  1. Nice weekly lineup. Thanx for the mention PIE! Have a nice weekend. :)

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