Financial Education Giveaway!

March is upon us and I wanted to reward my readers with some amazing spring giveaway. I’ll be giving away three amazing and highly popular books to educate yourself on personal finance and the Ninja at Dividend Ninja will be sponsoring not one but two Amazon gift cards.

Over the course of the give away, I will be reviewing all three books for all my readers to share the benefits of those books.


Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth you Should Have Learned in School

Millionaire TeacherAndrew Hallam released his book in the fall and it caught the attention of many financial writers in both the professional and personal sphere. The book has been a huge seller to the point that it sold out just before Christmas. Andrew has done a remarkable job working with Wiley Publishing to promote the book and interact with readers through his blog. I have been a huge fan of his blog since I started blogging.

I have bought a couple of copies so far, one for myself and one as a present for my brother. I have also recommended it to a number of co-workers looking to improve their finances.

The Wealthy Barber Returns

Wealthy Barber ReturnsThe original ‘The Wealthy Barber’ was the first personal finance book I have ever read. Even though I was young, the rules were so simply explained that I remembered many of them years after. David Chilton wrote a follow up to his best seller The Wealthy Barber – a book that left a great impression on me in my early life.


Findependence Day

FindependenceThis book just recently got on my radar and I placed an order to read and review it this month. Based on what I have read so far about the book, it’s a must have. The well known author is Jonathan Chevreau, also known as the Wealthy Boomer,  writes about personal finance over at the Financial Post.

You can read more about the book at Jonathan’s Findependence Day web site until I have my review.


Amazon Gift Cards

The Dividend Ninja also want to help you educate yourself and is sponsoring two $25 Amazon gift cards for you to get the book you need. Give him a shout by subscribing to his blog.

Contest Rules

Entering the contest is done by either subscribing to my Money Tips Newsletter, my RSS email subscription or by commenting. Each of those will give you a different number of entries and you can enter using all of them or just one (much better odds if you use them all).

  • 5 entries with my Money Tips Newsletter subscription (top right section). I don’t spam and you get access to my reader’s questions and answers, my trading and my monthly topic newsletter.
  • 3 entries with my email subscription. You get all my blog posts emailed directly to you so you won’t miss anything.
  • 1 entry for commenting on this post. I’d love to hear about any subjects that you would like to learn more about with respect to personal finance.
  • The contest will run until March 30 and the winners will be announced on March 31.

Note that if you are already subscribed to my newsletter or my email subscription, you are automatically entered with the number of entries listed above.

There is room for 5 winners! Make sure you leave me a comment on what you want to learn more about. I’d love to help out in the coming weeks and months. I share reader’s Questions and Answers in my Money Tips Newsletter as well.

Good luck to everyone!

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44 Responses to "Financial Education Giveaway!"

  1. gibor says:

    I’m in :) , but I never win anything… :(

  2. Green L says:


  3. Thanks. I know that I need some advice for my financial knowledge.

  4. I would love to learn more about analyzing dividend stocks. Looking at value and predicting future payout ratios.

    • The Passive Income Earner says:

      Thanks for highlighting an area you want to learn about. Best of luck in the contest.

  5. Anne says:

    Thanks for the contest!

  6. SophieW says:

    Great books, I’ve been wanting to read all 3 of them! :)

    • The Passive Income Earner says:

      Indeed they are. I am hoping the winners will enjoy and my readers can find some time to read them at some point.

  7. Bernard says:

    Thank you for all the information and advice you have been giving me.
    I am a huge fan of your work.
    I am a young professional(24) saving money to build a portfolio of dividend aristocrats (favoring dividend growth over high yields). Thanks to you, I realize the power of compound interest and increasing dividends; time is money:).

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these books.

    • The Passive Income Earner says:

      Those are very nice compliments and much appreciated. It was one of my goals when I started blogging about finance and investing to help others.

  8. Be'en says:

    I am getting into passive investing using ETFs and would like to learn more about the indexes which form the basis for passive investing.


  9. MoneyCone says:

    Useful giveaway PIE! I just started reading Andrew Hallam’s book and I have to say I’m impressed!

    • The Passive Income Earner says:


      I agree! Andrew’s book is a gem for anyone. The younger you are when you read it the better. Combined with some of the other books, it provides an education to financial success.

  10. Subscribed to the news letter. Better make it good ;)
    Hope to win Findependence day. I am currently reading Hallam’s book and own a 20 yr old (or so) version of the original Wealthy Barber (I prefer it to the new one). Though I suppose I could use a newer copy and pass my old one on to someone who needs it!

  11. zee says:

    New to the site, plenty of great info. In process of leaving my Finicial Advisor and investing myself – want to learn more about dividend and index investing

  12. I love really in depth stock analysis! I think they are extremely helpful in making investment decisions. Good luck with your giveaway!


  13. I would love topics like dividends for newbies, etc….

  14. armaan says:

    Thank You!

  15. Thanks for hosting! I’d like to learn more about investing for beginners. I have no idea where to start and it’s just so confusing!

  16. Never heard of Findependence Day but The Wealthy Barber Returns and Millionaire Teacher are reads I have been looking at buying for awhile.

    Anyways, Good luck with the give-away!

  17. Sarah says:

    I want to know more about investing under TFSA, specifically index funds and ETF.

  18. Michel says:

    Hey, I’m very interested in getting this book. I’m a long time reader of your blog!

  19. jefferson says:

    Would love to win those books.. Some great financial resources there

  20. jonathan says:

    Good idea. Good blog.

  21. Great books, I’d love to read them all!

  22. Michelle says:

    I put my email in your subscription.

    Put my email on your email list.

    Great giveaway!

  23. Would like to read Findependence Day. Andrew Hallam wrote a guest post for Frugal Toad, stop by and check it out. Pretty amazing story!

  24. Subscribed to your Money Tips Newsletter!

  25. bogofdebt says:

    Those all look like great reads! I signed up for both your newsletter and the email subscription

  26. I have read Andrew and David’s books – they are both excellent.

    Would really enjoy reading Jonathan’s book!

    Great giveaway!


  27. Renate W. says:

    I enjoy reading everything and was just told that my daughter is engaged and getting married next summer!…so she definately could use Findependance at 22!

  28. Bernie says:

    Thanks for your newsletter & blog. Please enter me for the contest!

  29. Love to get my hands on the book and have a read.

  30. RichardM says:

    Love your blog

  31. Rookie says:

    Good read. I hope to win one of the books. Perhaps an future article on real estate investing?

    • The Passive Income Earner says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. I am very interested in Real Estate although I have not done any on my own yet. Quite expensive in Vancouver :(

  32. christy says:

    I have just started with investing on my own, and have frugally put holds on these books at the library…

  33. SophieW says:

    A great combination of books to give away! Please just keep up the same writing style and topics and I’ll remain a loyal readers :)

  34. gibor says:

    ANd…..who are the winners?1

    • The Passive Income Earner says:

      Thanks for the follow up Gibor!

      I am contacting them first and will announce them with confirmation. The email should be out today.

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