Dividend Income: April 2011

April is my when my heavy hitters pay their dividends. Kimberley-Clark (KMB), AT&T (T), and Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) happen to be my heavy hitters – all inside my RRSP account. Crescent Point Energy (CGP) was my highest dividend payer with over 80$ per month but I took some profits and diversified when it hit 48$. I was overweight and it was a great opportunity to sell.

Dividend Income

My April 2011 dividend income is $463.82 compared with $419.35 for April 2010. That’s a 10% increase over last year. However, it’s lower than last January 2011 where I earned $489.86. The main reason for the difference is my decrease holdings in CPG with which I bought Rogers Communication (RCI.B). Out of my 19 investments, only 5 pay monthly and that’s why there is a fluctuation between the months in a quarterly pattern.

Dividend Income April 2011

Dividend Paying Holdings

Here is a list of my current holdings as of writing. Recent additions have been Royal Bank of Canada and Rogers Communications.
  • Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)
  • Bank of Montreal (BMO)
  • Royal Bank of Canada (RY)
  • Sun Life (SLF)
  • Crescent Point Energy (CGP)
  • Kimberly-Clark Corporation (KMB)
  • AT&T (T)
  • Telus (T.A)
  • Bell Canada (BCE)
  • Rogers Communications (RCI.B)
  • RioCan (REI.UN)
  • Cominar Real Estate (CUF.UN)
  • Just Energy (JE.UN)
  • Transcanada Pipeline (TRP)
  • TransAlta (TA)
  • Fortis (FTS)
  • Emera (EMA)
  • Enbrdige (ENB)
  • Liquor Store (LIQ)
  • A Mututal Fund generating 8% dividend
Disclamer: Please note that this blog post represents my opinion and not an advice/recommendation. I am not a financial adviser, I am not qualified to give financial advice. Before you buy any stocks/funds consult with a qualified financial planner. Make your decision at your own risk – see my full disclaimer for more details.

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16 Responses to "Dividend Income: April 2011"

  1. Daryl says:

    Hi PIE,

    Your point about CGP is really interesting. I’ve been wondering when does one decide to take some profits off the table for dividend stocks and if there’s a way to “play with the house’s money”, so to speak.

    Conventionally if a growth stock’s price doubles, you could sell half and protect your capital – but how does this apply to dividend stocks where there isn’t as much growth?


    • The Passive Income Earner says:

      Because I don’t have much holdings, and therefore not a huge amount of diversification, I tend to take profits when I find my allocation is overweight. I also try to improve the dividend yield when I can durin that process.

  2. Echo says:

    I love the first month of each quarter! I just need to do something with the cash I’ve been sitting on. Maybe it’s time to pick up a couple of U.S. dividend payers, or I’ve had my eye on SLF for a while too.

    I just noticed that we have 11 stocks in common, nice portfolio ;)

  3. Great income! Well done!

    We own about 10 of the same stocks.

    Anything you have your eyes on?

    I’d love to own some CPG in the TFSA, just still too pricy for me.

    • The Passive Income Earner says:

      Life Insurance may be my next target. How many times can Manulife be knocked down only to get back up? I have Sun Life but not many shares yet. It’s just setup under CIBC Mellon.

      I still haven’t invested my 5K for my TFSA this year. I should have the money this June. I am trying to not get too far ahead of my future earnings and invest with borrowed money. So I wait to have cash on hands.

  4. That’s a nice income stream. I am working on increasing mine slowly from year to year as well. No stocks in common so far :)

  5. MoneyCone says:

    Nice going there! I’m curious what that mutual fund is! :)

  6. Great stuff! That’s another huge month and those numbers are something I’m targeting within a few years time. Keep up the great work!

  7. gibor says:

    I hold 7 from your list … about 50% I hold ETFs, the biggest holding XIU.

    Bought about week and half ago new Horizons ETF: HEX. Today they announced 1st monthly dividends. So far , so good yield 14% :)

  8. gibor says:

    My dividend income for April so far $300 , should get $320 more until end of the months.
    April is the best month for my portfolio :)

  9. Evan says:

    We don’t share any of the same holdings but I am shocked with your quarterly payout. Have you mentioned the balance of your account?

    • The Passive Income Earner says:

      It’s with an initial investment of $64K. That amount is the capital I put in the account and from there I have grown it to $84K in the past 2 years. Some easy wins after the financial crisis and some very good yields at the time.

  10. Wow, that’s a lot of dividend income. Are these all in a non-registered portfolio? or in a TFSA/ RRSP?

    I need to track to see what my dividend income is- everything gets shuffled around when I buy and sell (which I know breaks the first rule of dividend investing!:( )

    I have SLF too and am also thinking about Rogers.

    • The Passive Income Earner says:

      Thanks for stopping by! It’s mixed across all my accounts. What it doesn’t show is the tax implications. However, my goal is to show what dividend growth can do.

  11. Slowandsteady says:

    I reinvest my dividends to my “bargain holding” to match the SP 500 market market allocation–p-us-l–

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