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A New Year & A New Site Design

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you had a great holiday season. I wanted to bring to your attention the new design of The Passive Income Earner. It’s the same great content with a new look! I hope you like it. I love feedback too so drop me a note in the comments or personally. New Design GoalsMore Customizable Content (I am a programmer by trade and finally got my hands dirty in the code) Featured Content Promotion – Lots of great content is often hidden and I can keep it surfaced now Better Integration of Social Share in the posts and main page Easier Access to Follow Me – I know you don’t want to miss anything Simpler theme and faster loading (I need less plugins) so it’s better for all my mobile readersSince everyone loves to here about my dividend income, I have made it an up front focus too. It’s right there on the top right and you cannot miss it. Start Here Page I am also working on a start here page. It’s hard to always go back to ...

2012 Posts in Review

Many of you join me in my journey to build an income portfolio at different point in time and I wanted to review my most noteworthy posts of the year with you. Those I feel are noteworthy anyways Over the year, the markets were up and down, mortgage rates were low (and are still low), and some buy opportunities were present. Here are some financial wisdomDefine your financial and retirement strategy Stick to your strategy Review your strategy and investments regularlyMay 2013 provide everyone with financial success! Noteworthy Posts – Editor’s Picks Many of those are my most commented and most viewed posts. I’d love to hear which one you find the best and most pertinent for you – leave a comment! January 2012 How To Review Your Portfolio How To Assess If The Smith Manoeuvre Is Good For You February 2012 Good twist on discussing Emergency Funds. The goal is to know what you need and balance that with your investments. Define Your Emergency Fund Road Map How ...

Weekly Blog Round: Saving Money

These days, I do not pay much attention to the markets in general. The US is still at work stimulating their economy and Europe is still trying to figure out their mess. I do look at my technical screening to see if anything pops up; like Intel (INTC) for those interested I  review what analysts have to say on BNN through Stock Chase email notifications. I get 2 emails a day with a summary of what analysts said about companies. It takes 5 minutes in the morning and I get quick news on various companies. I am also subscribe to Pat McKeough service and blogs at TSI Netowrk (I have been for almost a year now). It doesn’t require that much time to keep up and I am not trying to predict the future either. For all my regular and future readers, I have added a Dividend Calendar section under Stocks for your convenience. I have also added a section under Investments for Forex. I wrote a few posts about the different ways of doing currency exchange aside from just using the banks. ...
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