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Differences Between Canadian & US Stock Markets

Aside from the obvious currency difference, do you really understand the strength of each stock markets? From a population perspective, the USA is nearly 10 times bigger than Canada, you would expect the stock markets to be somewhat bigger by the same ratio. It’s nearly true with a couple of exceptions. Anecdotally, the entire population of Canada is just under the population of California alone. That alone should give you a sense of the economies at work.Canadian investors should understand the need to invest in the US. US investors should pay attention to the exceptions. In most cases, the companies of interest are probably trading on a US exchange already.Currency is often the challenge but there are ways to overcome that challenge and get access to the money in an effective ...
mental blocker

Investing Mental Blockers

I was recently reminded how we can have mental blockers about many money related concepts. In many cases, they are based on principals we define for ourselves through experiences. One example I encountered was that a gentleman had decided to never pay for a ferry reservation again on the reasoning that they made enough money already. I found the reasoning a little odd as the reservation can save you a lot of time waiting in a parking lot during busy weekend. As it happens, the person was retired and probably has all the time to wait for the ferry but he decided that he wanted to stick it to the ferry corporation thus creating a mental blocker. Another example relates to choosing to put your bonus in your RRSP. The reasoning I often hear is this: “I don’t want to pay tax so I put ...

2 Overlooked Canadian Dividend Aristocrats

On the stock market, there are companies that are more known than others and some that are more popular than others. Those companies are often easy to talk about and looked into since many people are aware of them. On the flip side of the coin, there are companies that fly under the radar most of the time and they are worth looking into for your portfolio. In fact, you should have many of those in your watch list. There are two companies I have been watching for a while now and I consider them both worthy. The two dividend aristocrat companies I have identified are:Saputo (SAP.TO Trend) Metro (MRU.TO Trend)I did own Saputo prior to the market correction of late 2008 but sold after they split their stock and before becoming a dividend investor. Related: 2014 Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Saputo ...
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