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2 Overlooked Canadian Dividend Aristocrats

On the stock market, there are companies that are more known than others and some that are more popular than others. Those companies are often easy to talk about and looked into since many people are aware of them. On the flip side of the coin, there are companies that fly under the radar most of the time and they are worth looking into for your portfolio. In fact, you should have many of those in your watch list. There are two companies I have been watching for a while now and I consider them both worthy. The two dividend aristocrat companies I have identified are:Saputo (SAP.TO Trend) Metro (MRU.TO Trend)I did own Saputo prior to the market correction of late 2008 but sold after they split their stock and before becoming a dividend investor. Related: 2014 Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Saputo ...

Computershare Guide

Here is everything you need to know about Computershare to put YOUR MONEY at work. I kick started my new dividend investing financial plan through Computershare and step by step increased my net worth but also my income from my investments. I am the type of person who wants to be in control of my destiny and seeing my money making money even when the stock market is a roller coaster. When the markets are down, I can see that my money is still at work making money. With Computershare, if you start early, your pennies will be at work, not just a full share or even 10K worth of a share. Related: Guide to DRIP What is Computershare? Computershare is a company that helps manage stock plans for companies along with DRIP accounts. Computershare is not a discount broker and you cannot have any other ...
Limit Orders

Why You Should Always Use Limit Orders

Always use limit orders for purchasing or selling your shares. This is a simple rule that every DIY investor should use. NEVER use a market order. It’s a simple rule of thumb and one that can save you some money. Jim Cramer is a big proponent of that rule as well. Why Use Limit Orders? High frequency trading makes use of machine and we have seen some crashes in the past. If you use market orders, you can be at risk. Another reason is that most discount brokers show a delayed quote unless you qualify for real-time quotes. I do not even quality for real-time quotes and I have a decent amount invested. Due to the delayed quote, your market order might not be anywhere near the price quoted. What Limit Price Do You Choose? Now that we agree on using limit orders, what price do you choose? ...
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