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Year End RESP Trades

Every now and again, I sit down and review my accounts in details. My spreadsheet is setup to continuously show me my diversification across sector along with the performance of my different stock but I don’t dive deep all too often. I do a pass once a month for the dividend and adjust for any increases. Generally though, I don’t spend much time looking at the profits or losses of my individual investments but when doing a more rigorous review, I do pay attention to ensure it is not a sign to sell or to add more on a pullback. During the month of December, as I started planning where I would invest my RESP contribution in the new year, I looked deeper into my investments and made some changes. RESP Adjustments Sold Shaw Communications (SJR.B) Shaw Communications (SJR.B Trend) had ...
Financial Plan

The Importance of Diversification

Over the last 4 months, there has been some disruptions in the markets which can cause fluctuations in a portfolio. If you are not confident in your investments and strategy, you may be susceptible to making harsh investing decisions. It’s important to have a strategy you believe in and to diversify your portfolio. Related: Investing Mental Blockers My portfolio diversification has allowed me to not really have any major impact on my portfolio during the October pull back and the recent oil pull back. While I have some oil investments that have pulled back, it has not made any major dent in the overall value of my portfolio. I continue to hold and use patience. Performance of a Diversified Portfolio Just to show how diversification can play, here is how my portfolio has fluctuated. The ...

Is It A Good Time To Consider A Gold IRA?

Making decisions with regard to how to invest for retirement can be though. While the stock market seems like a good place to be now, there are several dangers that could spark an investor sell off. If this was to happen, gold could act as a great hedge. Knowing this, several people are starting to ask the question “Should I consider a gold IRA?” Today, we’ll take a look at why the question is being asked, how a gold IRA can help protect your retirement investments, and whether or not now is a good time to get one. So, let’s get right to it. Why Are People Looking At Gold When The Stock Market Is Booming? While it may seem like the stock market is a great place to be right now, there are several factors that make me incredibly nervous about the ability to realize long term gains if ...
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