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Best Investment Podcast

Best Investment Podcasts

Over the past year, I switched from listening to the radio in the morning to listening to investment podcasts to keep up with the markets and stay current on some companies. It fills up my ride to work in the morning. In the evening I tend to relax while listening to music though. I initially posted my list last year in may 2013 and I am providing an update as we have new comers in the field! Depending on the length of your drive to work, different podcasts may be more applicable but I have found a few podcasts that I really cycle amongst them. Best Investment Podcasts 1. Mad Money with Jim Cramer I admit, I am surprised to put Cramer as my first. After one podcast, I wasn’t convinced. After 2 weeks, I am convinced it’s the best that I found right now. It’s not like I am going to execute on any of the recommendations but you do learn about different sectors. You also learn about very specific companies in details with CEO interviews. I also like the battles he does between ...
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How Much Cash Should You Hold

There is a saying that cash is king and recently, on Jim Cramer’s podcast, a great question was asked about how much cash should we hold in our portfolio and when should we hold the cash. I really wasn’t sure what to expect in the answer but Jim Cramer had this to say:You SHOULD always have some cash. Rarely, should you be fully invested in the markets. If it’s not in cash, it’s invested.Why Hold Cash The goal of having cash is to be ready to take advantage of the opportunities the market may have to offer at one point or another. As you probably know, it’s when the market crash that you want to be being, so you need to have cash on hand. Having cash on hand is not about having a security blanket or building an emergency fund. Cash in an account is to take advantage of the down markets whereas an emergency fund is to protect you against emergency. Related: Emergency fund or Emergency LOC How Much Should You Hold In Cash The amount of cash you actually ...
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Investment Mistake – Avoid Lazy Sells

Learning from our mistakes is always very important. Over the past couple of months, I had decided to sell Liquor Store (LIQ) (see trend)but since I was not set on what to buy yet, I kept on holding it. Unfortunately, this blew up in my face this past week as an independent panel recommended that British Columbia should allow grocery stores to sell alcohol and the government at first glance issued a statement that they intend to follow through with all the recommendations. As you can see, LIQ’s competition in BC just went through the roof! Investment Mistake #1 I did not sell when I made up my mind. Just because I wasn’t ready to buy something else … isn’t a reason to not sell. If the investment doesn’t meet your needs, you should sell. In the case of LIQ, I had decided to not hold it because it had limited growth, dividends were not increasing and I was worried about future competition from grocery stores as Washington states had just allowed for those. Investment ...
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