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How To Setup DRIP Accounts?

DRIP stands for Dividend Re-Investment Plan. It is the corner stone of Dividend Investing as it allows your portfolio to re-invest the dividends and provide compound growth for your investments. No hypothetical compound growth from markets either since you can look at it just like you would when you look at interest. You can extrapolate what you would earn 5 or 10 years from now and you can even throw in some dividend increase as well. The different is in the tax rate. Related: The Magic of Compound Growth DRIP have done wonders to my accounts. My dividends grow by approximately 10% annually without adding any extra capital. The shares bought plus the dividend growth are all at work. DRIP Account Options Company or Full DRIP Plan Company DRIP plans or Full DRIP plans are usually managed by ...

Guide To DRIPing

A recent article by ‘The Weathly Canadian’ along with the comments had me reflect on the reasons I DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan) and the conditions under which I DRIP. No investor scenarios are equal so it’s important to understand the benefits and what it means to your portfolio when you DRIP. Before looking at different DRIP strategies and the benefits, let’s review the 2 different DRIP options. Ways to DRIP Full DRIP For lack of better term, Full DRIP refers to the Dividend Reinvestment Plan offered by the companies and managed by Transfer Agents such as Computershare and CIBC Mellon. Those plans allow you to participate in their Optional Cash Purchase (when offered) and to enrolled in the DRIP plan at no fees. has a full list of all Canadian ...
Dividend Investing

Dividend Investing With a 10/10 Rule

I was watching the interview of Tom Cameron on Business News Network this past week where he highlighted the 10/10 rule utilized by his investment firms. It is very pertinent to dividend investors since it’s all about the dividend growth. In fact, 10/10 stands for a company that increases dividends for 10 consecutive years with an average of 10% or more growth in dividends per year. 10/10 Strategy It’s a simple screening test really. You can follow this process of elimination.Identify companies that have paid dividends for the past 10 years. Identify the companies that have increased their dividends by an average of 10% per year for 10 years.Rather than focusing on the yield, it focuses on the dividend growth to accelerate compound growth. A consistent growing dividend under ...
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