Book Review: The Skeptical Investor

The Skeptical Investor : 4 out of 5 stars!

I have not read many investment books since I started blogging… until now. It seems that my hunger comes and goes with respect to reading investment books and I am usually skeptical of some books until there are many good reviews. With that said, I recently finished The Skeptical Investor by John Lawrence Reynolds and I enjoyed it. The book had me reflect a good number of times and think through my investment strategy.

The Skeptical Investor had the perfect timing for me. The market crash was fresh in my mind, my stock investment were picking up as I was transitioning away from mutual funds and the author was asking the right questions with the right arguments. To add weight to his arguments, the author had many real life examples. Some example were worst than others and it also covered different age segments to really highlight how your age should have an impact on your strategy. You need to be aware of the number of investment years you have ahead of you.

It is targeted towards Canadians but I believe anyone in the U.S. would enjoy the book as well. The focus is on defensive investing. It explains defensive investing methods and products and why it’s important for you. The products covered are often similar across the boarder. Anything related to a RRSP somewhat compares to a 401K in principle.

For anyone already investing, I believe this is a good book to add to your library. I feel that the book requires a basic working knowledge of investing even though it does a really good job at explaining the different products it covers. Now is also a good time to read it since the market crash should be relatively fresh in your memory.

Readers: Have you read The Skeptical Investor? Any memorable segment you would like to share?

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  1. Financial Cents says:

    Nice, simple review. I plan on doing more reviews myself in future.


  2. The Passive Income Earner says:

    @Financial Cents
    Thanks. It's the first one and since I liked the book, I thought I would share.

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