Weekly Blog Round: The Apple Effect

Investing in AppleNot long after Apple (AAPL) announced it will be paying a dividend, mutual funds and investors were already swarming to get some stocks. Apple doesn’t have to do much these days to get institutions and investors drooling for its stock. The dividends will certainly be a nice touch for some investors but I can’t see the yield going much … The announced share buy-back is simply going to cover the shares they give their employees practically annually (which by the way dilutes the overall shares) so it’s really just keeping the status quo on that front.

On my end, I am benefiting from Apple through my holdings in the telecom industry :) I own AT&T, BCE, Telus and Rogers and they all have a much better dividend and since that’s one way to enjoy the iPhone, I get to benefit form it.

Here are some articles on Apple from other bloggers if you want to get many different views. They are interesting reads.

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Have a nice weekend!

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7 Responses to "Weekly Blog Round: The Apple Effect"

  1. I was one of those investors who swarmed to get some AAPL when they announced quarterly distributions. I’m not proud of what I did because it was based more on emotions than any sound investment strategy (ー_ー)!! Oh well, at least they’re not expensive from an earnings point of view. Thanks for the mention Mr. Passive. Hope the recently released inflation numbers mean Canada’s economy is growing!

  2. Thanks for the link Passive!

    I too, am reaping the rewards of the smartphone revolution. I own AT&T, BCE and Rogers. I need to get some Telus :)

    I’m looking forward to reading your other book reviews.

  3. How long before they get to a market cap of 1 billion? ;)
    Thanks for the inclusion! :)

  4. Thanx for the mention PIE! :)

  5. Echo says:

    No AAPL for this guy, I stay away from the tech sector…way too volatile for my liking. Thanks for the mention!

  6. gibor says:

    Like MOA “I own AT&T, BCE and Rogers.” :) no Telus and not planning now or I will be overweighted in telcos…
    I had some change , so got 5 shares of AAPL about 1 week before dividend announcement. (as I told in another thread last year had much more , but got scared and sold much too early).
    Also I had some exposure to AAPL via ZQQ, VTI and some TD mutual funds

  7. No AAPL for me either! But I do own Telus and Bell and am happy with both these telcos’.

    Thanks for the mention!

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