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Welcome to The Passive Income Earner!

Let start by saying that I am just a regular guy from the greater Vancouver area in Canada. I am married with kids and I have a day job working for a publicly traded company.

I also happen to have a passion for personal finance and investing. 5 years ago, I decided it was time to supercharge my passion and take control of my portfolio. I ‘fired’ my financial advisor and moved all my money to a discount broker (Starting with Scotia ITrade and moving to RBC Investing along the way).

My Story

I have always been pretty good with managing my money, saving it and investing it. Unfortunately, for many years, my investments were in mutual funds with high management expense ratios (MER). While I contributed regularly, I never could see my portfolio growing, it was just going sideways … I had a financial advisor at the time which I thought was going to help me but aside from offering me different products and options, my accounts were still going sideways.

I was long aware of dividends but never thought I could invest in stocks without having more money. How can I invest small amounts regularly with the transaction fees ($30 at the time)? All I did was request my mutual funds to be invested in dividend paying mutual funds. I knew that regardless of the movement, I was still earning money. In late 2008, the market crashed as many of you know and my investments did not do much better than others …

It was time to change my strategy and read The Lazy Investor by Derek Foster. This book showed me I could invest in stocks and contribute small amounts regularly. Within a year, I was setup with 13 Canadian stocks through Computershare and Can Stock Transfer Agent.

Why The Passive Income Earner Blog?

I decided to start a blog for the following reasons and I continue to make those a priority.

  • Sharing financial information is something I do regularly with family, friends and co-workers. I realized I could write about it and document it at the same time for the benefit of everyone.
  • Setup a regular schedule to review my goals and follow through with it.
  • Share my experiences on dividend income since it is one of my primary goals for retirement. (Retirement != RRSP)

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Thank you for reading and I hope to see you on the blog again. All the best in your investing journey!

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